Anika Jindal

Hi, I'm Anika. With my majors in Accounting and Finance, I'm here to empower people by sharing the simple and actionable money management and money-saving tips to live a debt-free financially independent life. I have been featured on popular websites like Bankrate and Authority Magazine.

make money woodworking

How to make money woodworking?

Make money woodworking Are you a creative person who enjoys working with wood? And already have the basic tools needed for creating wooden projects and furniture? Then, did someone tell you that you can earn decent money with woodworking in your spare time? Yes, that’s absolutely possible! Read on this blog to learn about how …

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How can we save money with minimalism?

Only a few years ago, minimalism was an elitist aesthetic related to art, design and architecture. Nowadays, the new minimalism has become increasingly popular and it is everywhere: books on minimalism, the minimalists’ podcast and blog, a documentary about minimalism on Netflix, Japanese inimalism, Scandinavian minimalism, Marie Kondo’s minimalism. Despite the differences in method, their …

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