13 Outdoor Jobs That Pay Well And Offer Excellent Career Opportunities

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Do you prefer working outdoors rather than in a cubicle?

Are you a person who loves being surrounded by the great outdoors?

Do you like exploring nature at its finest?

If all these questions lead to a big yes, here are some great outdoor jobs that pay well while keeping the nature enthusiast in you happy. And that’s not all; working outdoors is also good for your health; it increases creativity and keeps you stress-free.

Knowing the various types of outdoor jobs available will make it easier for you to match them with your skills and interests and pursue that field.

So, here are some of the best-paying outdoor jobs, along with salaries and their responsibilities

Landscape Architect/Contractor:

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Average Salary: Around $74,426 per annum

If you have a keen design sense and a love for nature, then this is one of those outdoor careers that pay well.

You can plan and design functional public and private spaces like parks, gardens, school and community playgrounds, outdoor campus spaces, and many more. To achieve the same, you regularly meet with your clients to understand their design expectations and analyze environmental reports to build beautiful outdoor spaces. To become a landscape architect, you need a bachelor’s degree and a governmental license.

Travel photographer:

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Salary: Around $61,380 per annum plus additional cash compensation of up to $5000

Travel photography is one of the best-paying outdoor jobs for recreation and payment. You typically work as a freelancer or contractor traveling worldwide, taking pictures of places, people, or nature. Given the rise of social media these days, opportunities for travel photographers are immense. You can start with mobile phones and slowly progress to professional equipment as you master the nuances of photo capturing, editing, and publishing.

Land Surveyors:

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Salary: Around  $74,746 per annum

Land surveyor is one of the highest-paying outdoor jobs and it is a mix of office and outdoor work. As a land surveyor, you will measure and calculate property boundaries to their precise markings. The data you provide will serve as a map for engineers to plan and construct a structure within the property’s available space. This job includes site visits, surveys, and ensuring local, state, and federal land use compliance.

Construction Manager:

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Salary: Around $98,890 per annum

As a construction manager, you will be responsible for various building projects, right from start to finish. You will also be a supervisor on these projects, ensuring that deadlines are met and that the project stays true to its design. Most of your time will be spent on the construction site as this is one of those jobs that work outside, and it requires team management and communication skills.


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Salary: Around $66,236 per annum

A geographer is one of those nature jobs that pay well as your job involves studying the earth and how things like land, people, and other features are spread out across it. You will gather information from fieldwork, maps, photos, and more to understand the area better. For beginner roles and government jobs, a bachelor’s degree is required, and a master’s degree for more advanced positions

Park Ranger:

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Salary: Around $51,000 per annum

If outdoor adventure is your thing, the next one on our list of outdoor jobs that pay well is the Park Ranger. Conservation and protection of natural outdoor spaces are the primary responsibilities of a park ranger.

Also, you need to ensure that campers follow the rules and regulations of your designated natural spaces. This job requires good interpersonal skills, the ability to interact with a diverse set of people, and the skill to handle pressure in case of issues.

Civil Engineer:

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Salary: Around $89,133 per annum

Civil engineers build large infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and apartments. They are the ones who study the environment and bring forth solutions to use that environment effectively. As a civil engineer, you will be in charge of the design process which also includes monitoring the progress of site projects. It would help if you had a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and internship experience to start as a civil engineer.

Farmer/ Agriculturists:

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Salary: Around $63,000 per annum

Farming is one of those jobs in nature that pay well.  You must own a farmhouse where you produce crops and vegetables, raise livestock, and sell dairy products. Maintaining animal shelters and fences and safeguarding crops from insect infestations are a few examples of the work involved in farming. Usually, this kind of profession is family-owned, requiring hands-on experience more than any college degree.

Petroleum Engineer:

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Median Salary: Around $133,000 per annum

If you look at the list of high-paying jobs, being a petroleum engineer tops the list. You will be responsible for designing and developing methods to extract gas and oil from beneath the earth’s surface. You need to be proficient in mathematics, physics and geology, research, and equipment design. You will spend most of your time at drill sites overseeing the implementation and execution of oil and gas extraction.

Marine Engineer:

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Annual Salary: Around $92,000 per annum

As a marine engineer, you would be tasked with building, testing, and maintaining different kinds of ships like tankers, submarines, and cargo ships. You will design ships and engines and supervise a ship’s construction. As a marine engineer, you will also closely work with naval architects when designing warships. If you love being a sea-farer, marine engineering is an outside job that pays well while keeping you closely connected with the ocean.

Atmospheric Scientists:

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Average Annual Salary: Around $107,000 per annum

Studying the weather and climate and how they affect the earth is the primary job of an atmospheric scientist. Deriving predictions and forecasts of climate and weather, compiling data, and assisting in developing new instruments to predict weather or collect atmospheric data are some of the responsibilities involved. This profession requires a bachelor’s degree for junior positions, and if you are into research, you will need a master’s or a Ph.D.


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Salary: Around $67,000 per year

Becoming an archaeologist is the logical course of action if you are a history buff. It is one outdoor job that pays well while keeping your passion for ancient civilizations alive. As an archaeologist, you will study and analyze the remains discovered at various historic sites worldwide. You will spend most of your time outdoors, taking notes, images, and gathering information to understand the past.

Zoologist/Wildlife Biologist:

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Annual Wage: Around $ 59,000 per annum

Also known as wildlife biologist, you will be tasked with studying, researching, and observing various types of animals in their natural habitat and their impact on the earth’s ecosystem. You will also conduct scientific experiments by collecting specimens, monitoring a particular species’ evolution, and formulating conservation plans. You would need a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions and a master’s or Ph.D. for research level.

Are You Ready To Take Up An Outdoor Jobs That Pay Well?

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Working all day at a desk is just not right for everyone. If you love spending time outside, traveling, or spending as much as possible with plants or animals, then the above-listed jobs are some great choices for a lucrative career.


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