Movavi video editor review

Movavi Video Editor Plus Review 2022 (All You Should Know About It)

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Be it YouTube or social media vlogs, we all know how video content has blown the content industry in the recent past. As a result, video editing software slowly became the name of the game – and rightly so! 

After all, a good video editor is what you need to paint your creativity into a video format and create gorgeous (gorgeous) videos. Today, we talk about an editor that does exactly that – Movavi Video Editor Plus. 

Read on to learn everything you should know regarding this video editing tool.

Movavi video editor review

Is Movavi a Good Video Editor? 

Movavi Video Editor Plus is an intuitive tool that packs a lot of video editing power into a beginner-friendly interface. That’s not it. In addition to offering an array of editing tools and dozens of special effects, this software allows its users to improve their video editing skills like none other!

So, is Movavi a good video editor? Well, the following features urge us to give a thumbs-up:

  • Titles, filters, and transitions
  • Keyframe animation
  • Ready-made intros
  • Appropriate ratios for platforms like YouTube and Instagram
  • Chroma key for creating perfect backgrounds
  • Stabilization to remove camera shake
  • Voice-overs and picture-in-picture facility
Movavi video editor plus 2022 review

Why Should You Use Movavi Video Editor? 

Most users find Movavi Video Editor worth using because its pros outweigh its cons to a large extent. See it for yourself:


  • Beginner-friendly. Even users with no prior video editing experience find it easy to use. 
  • Built-in training. It comes with a built-in training program which makes the learning process easier. 
  • Advanced functions and features. The video editing tool offers motion tracking, chroma-keying, PiP, timeline markers, animation options, integrated video capture, and a lot more.
  • Compatibility. This software supports both Microsoft Windows (7 and above) and Apple’s macOS.


  • Lacks advanced trim modes.
  • Gets slightly slow while delivering heavy video files. 

Is Movavi Video Editor Really Free? 

Unfortunately, no. While Movavi Video Editor free download option offers you a free-of-cost seven-day trial version, it is indeed a paid tool at the end of the day. 

The good news, however, is that it is quite affordable. You can get it for a one-time payment of $54.95. If you choose to go for a Video Suite package, it will either have you spending $74.95 per year or a one-time payment of $199.95.

Movavi Video Suite is an all-in-one powerful software that gives you access to a lot of compelling features of some Movavi products, including video editing, converting, and screen recording. 

movavi video editor pricing

What are the Features of Movavi Video Editor? 

Let us now introduce you to some of the most exciting features of Movavi Video Editor Plus. 

Here we go:

Easy User Interface 

The best thing about this video editing program is its convenient and non-overloaded interface. With a standard layout, its dashboard is designed in a way that you find everything right there at your fingertips. The simple UI with intuitive controls makes the tool incredibly easy to navigate. 

movavi video editor interface

Enhanced Editing Capabilities 

Movavi stands true to its reputation by providing its users with tons of enhanced editing features – namely – transitions, titles, stickers, chroma-key, motion tracking, and more.


The app lets you explore a fantastic collection of transitions, by which you can join two clips neatly in a bunch of innovative ways. Even if you do not have enough overlapping footage, it allows you to create a decent-looking transition.

Titles and Text

You get ample choices as far as titles and texts are concerned. As such, you can easily include some fancy, aesthetic texts in your videos. Not to mention, some of them even support basic animations!


There exist more than enough graphics in clip art style (called stickers) for you to attach to your videos. Simply right-click the one you like and select “add to current position”.

Movavi stickers


You can adjust the speed of your clips primarily in the following two ways: 

  • Use the speed slider on the “Clip Properties” panel to adjust the clip speed from 10% to 1000%.
  • Use the slow-motion option to simply reduce the speed.

Motion Tracking 

With its motion-tracking feature, Movavi Video Editor Plus allows you to essentially “stick” images and effects to moving objects. Because not all video editing programs let you apply this effect, the developers of Movavi surely deserve a round of applause for introducing this feature.

Chroma Key

As we mentioned already, the chroma key lets you implement any background color you want in your video. It is basically an advanced technique to replace the background with anything you like. In addition, you can also modify its tolerance, noise edges, and opacity.

Excellent Video Effects 

One can choose from a variety of excellent video effects to craft stylish slideshows and make their videos rock. Plus, these special effects are quick and super-easy to download!

Instant Movies

If you wish to create unique, fun stories with your photos and videos and share them casually with your friends and family, the “instant movies” feature can come to your rescue. All you need to do is choose “Create Quick Video” option and throw some raw media at the program to automatically build a theme-based movie for you.

Great Audio Capability 

The program offers built-in tools that give way to some amazing sound features. Whether you want to equalize the volume of the audio track, remove noise, adjust the frequency characteristics, or add music (or the speaker’s voice), Movavi Video Editor Plus has got you covered. 

Not to forget, Movavi Video Editor Plus has a feature like beat detection that detects the beats of audio tracks and allows users to maintain the tempo of their video. 

movavi audio capability

Smooth Project Workflow

As you work on a project, you will notice how smooth the workflow is. All you need to do is follow these quick steps:

  • Import all the media files.
  • Delete the unnecessary segments by splitting the video into parts.
  • Embellish your media with captivating effects.
  • Use transitions to smooth out the cuts between the media clips.
  • Add sassy titles and text.
  • Add a soundtrack and save the final video.

Is Movavi Video Editor Safe? 

All versions of Movavi software are safe to use. Movavi Video Editor Plus neither contains any malware nor makes your devices vulnerable to malicious spyware or viruses, by any means. 

Having said that, you must not take the safety of your devices for granted anyway. As with most other programs, you must make sure you stay alert with this one too, and take necessary precautions to avoid any potential privacy issues. In case of any damages, the author of the program cannot be held liable. 

Movavi Comparison With Other Video Editing Tools 

Below, we compare Movavi Video Editor with certain other popular tools. 

Movavi vs iMovie

The most significant difference between Movavi and iMovie is their compatibility. While iMovie works only on Mac, Movavi is known for its compatibility with both Windows and macOS. 

Another point to be noted is that Movavi allows its users to export files in various formats without any restrictions. However, iMovie users can export files in restricted formats. 

Although both software is capable of creating masterpieces out of chunks of available clips and footage, Movavi steals the show. 

Movavi vs Adobe Premiere

Adobe is one of the leading edges in the media editing software space. Unlike Movavi Video Editor Plus, Premiere Pro is designed for more skilled professionals. If you are a casual user or a beginner in the video editing field, Adobe might be overwhelming for you. 

If you want to edit tutorials, gameplays, or other kinds of content for YouTube, Movavi Video Editor will be a better option for you. On the other hand, if you want more advanced features, look no further than Adobe. 

Movavi vs Final Cut Pro X

Both Movavi and Final Cut Pro X are beginner-friendly video editing software. Even though they both have similar layouts, Movavi is easier to use. Most first-time editors find Final Cut Pro X a bit more challenging due to its steeper learning curve. 

Other than that, both programs come with comparable features that allow users to fine-tune their skills.

Final Thoughts on Movavi Video Editor Review

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 has everything it takes to create mesmerizing videos for your personal use as well as your small business. With a responsive interface and lots of transitions, text annotations, and color filters, Movavi lets your imagination come alive on the screen like a pro.

Along with all the video editing essentials, you get access to a wide range of stunning features that make your editing journey easy and fun. Plus, the pricing is insanely feasible. No other program offers a better toolkit in a similar price range as Movavi Video Editor does!

All things considered, we highly recommend using Movavi Video Editor Plus for amateur users who are looking for a feature-packed yet cost-effective option to explore their true potential. On that note, we end Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 Review and hope you find it useful. 

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