Amazon direct ship – The ultimate guide to getting freebies in the mail (2021)

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Amazon direct ship

Learn how to get FREE products in the mail through Amazon direct ship without paying anything!

Who doesn’t love getting freebies in the mail?

Getting freebies is a great way to try new products without paying anything and save money.

Unfortunately, most freebie schemes that the internet is inundated with these days are scams. You are sometimes stuck filling out long surveys to receive a small free sample. And in most cases, you receive plain junk in the name of freebies.

But the good news is, it’s possible to get freebies in the mail without getting scammed through Amazon direct ship.

In this post, I will only talk about Amazon direct ship and how to get legit freebies through it.

learn how to get freebies through Amazon direct shipping

What does direct shipping mean?

Direct shipping is a way of shipping goods directly from the manufacturer to the consumer.

This system bypasses the traditional distribution channels, avoiding any wholesaler or retailer to deliver products to the consumer’s doorstep directly.

What is a direct ship on Amazon?

Direct ship from Amazon is the easy process of getting FREE products from Amazon sellers delivered to your house directly and save money.

It doesn’t mean that you’re getting free stuff from Amazon even though they’re the ones who are shipping them.

It’s the Amazon sellers who are sending their products for FREE and no orders are placed on Amazon.

So, don’t even expect you will be receiving products like Kindle and Amazon Echo for FREE from this mega e-commerce company.

You will most likely receive clothes, beauty products, office supplies, and household goods from various sellers through the direct ship on Amazon.

Is Amazon direct ship free?

Yes, Amazon direct shipping is absolutely free.  

You are not required to pay anything for the product you receive or any delivery fee.

If a direct ship offer asks you for your banking or credit card information, it is definitely a scam and you should avoid it.

Why do sellers send freebies through Amazon direct ship?

Amazon had 1.6 million active sellers and they are located all over the world.

Most of these sellers want to sell their products in the US and it’s not feasible for them to ship every order to the US from their local warehouse.

First, it will take a long time to deliver the products and then, it would be expensive to ship internationally every time an order is placed.

So, to keep the costs low, these sellers use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) services.

They ship their products to the US and store them at Amazon fulfillment centers. When an order is placed for these products through the Amazon website, people at Amazon packs, ship and provide customer support for sellers.

All those product listings that you see on Amazon that says “fulfilled by Amazon” but are sold by another company are the products of sellers using FBA services.

Amazon charges various fees for providing the FBA services to sellers which isn’t cheap. Usually, the sales revenue should be able to cover the cost of this service if the products sell fast.

But, if the products do not sell well or fast enough, it can get difficult to cover this storage cost.

Also, once the items are stored for over 365 days, Amazon starts charging long-term storage fees in addition to monthly storage fees.

So, to avoid further losses adding up to the cost of products that are not selling anyway, Amazon sellers prefer to give these products away for FREE to people to minimize their costs.

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Who ships the direct ship freebies?

It’s Amazon that ships the direct ship freebies for the sellers.

Sellers have already paid for the FBA services which makes Amazon responsible for picking, packing and shipping their products.

All that seller does is inform Amazon about various free orders (created for people who signed up for receiving free products) for them to ship those products to people.

What FREE products can I receive through Amazon direct ship?

Amazon marketplace has over 353 million products listed on their website by third party sellers

With a such large number of products, there is no way to know what freebie you can receive through Amazon direct shipping.

You can’t guess what product you will get, and it may be a-

  • Toy
  • Beauty product
  • Home décor
  • Kids’ stuff
  • Clothes
  • Kitchen items
  • Office products
  • And so on.

You can receive anything and it’s completely random. But it’s all FREE.

How is direct shipping different from dropshipping?

Direct shipping and drop shipping may sound similar, but they are two very different ways of selling products online.

Direct Shipping is where sellers or product manufacturers send products to buyers directly.

Dropshipping is where the seller or retailer buys the products from the manufacturer but doesn’t keep the stock themselves but instead has the manufacturer ship the product when an order is placed.

Dropshipping is a great way to make extra money with limited funds since you don’t have to maintain a stock of products yourself and still make profits by selling products of other people.

How long does Amazon direct shipping take?

It can take weeks and sometimes even months to get Amazon Direct Ship freebies.

There are no guarantees and no method of contacting the sender.

How long a seller will take to ship a freebie depends on many factors, including –

  • The date when Amazon will start charging a long-term storage fee:

To avoid the long-term storage fee, the seller needs to clear the inventory before they start charging that fee but also wait until a reasonable time to see if they can sell the product for-profits using the usual channel.

  • The time it takes to ship the products from the warehouse:

If many people have filled out the direct ship form, it may take the seller some time to arrange the shipping of the products from the warehouse for so many sellers.

How many products you can receive through Amazon direct ship?

Like which products you’ll receive, there is no definitive answer to how many products can you receive through Amazon direct ship.

You can receive none or just one or many, it depends upon the number of products that the seller needs to clear out of the inventory.

If they are clearing many products you may receive many free products at the same time.

Also, it depends upon how many people filled out the direct ship form. If they have a large number of subscribers but lesser inventory, they may not be able to send free products to all of them.

There is nothing you can really do to ensure that you receive a product apart from just providing your shipping details.

Is Amazon direct ship legit?

Yes, Amazon Direct ship is legit.

As mentioned above, Amazon sellers offer direct shipping to get rid of the stock of products that are not selling to avoid the storage or warehouse cost that they pay to Amazon.

However, some scammers may take advantage of this opportunity and gather information from you. So, it would be best if you approach every direct ship offer with caution.

Provide only the details that are necessary for the shipment. Never give out any payment details.

If you are not comfortable sharing our personal information, provide a burner email, a different phone number, or a PO Box address.

Try checking the seller’s background in different social media groups to check if the seller is genuine.

 There are several direct ship Facebook groups and Reddit forums where you can check the seller’s legitimacy.

How to sign up for Amazon direct ship freebies?

Now that you know that Amazon Direct Ship is legit, you must be wondering how should you sight up direct ship freebies and start receiving them soon?

But let me just tell you, even though the names say Amazon, you can’t just go to their website and sign up for these freebie offers.

Amazon direct ship is not a service offered by Amazon. You are dealing with the sellers directly and they are the ones who will be sending free products.

So, to start receiving free stuff, you will have to find the genuine Amazon direct offers and then sign up for them. You can find them using –

1.     Facebook groups

Facebooks groups are a great place to begin your search.

Just search for the keywords like “Amazon direct ship” or “direct ship offers”, you will be able to find many Facebook groups.

There are several consumers and sellers in these groups. Sellers use these groups to share direct ship forms, while consumers use these groups to share direct shipping offers that they have discovered.

It’s also a good platform to hold discussions with other consumers about how to search for new offers, how to avoid scams and how to fill out the sign-up forms.

Here are a few of the direct shipping groups that I found on Facebook–

  • Amazon Direct Ship Freebies and More (Join here)
  • KC’s Direct Ship Freebies & More (Join here)
  • Ashley’s free sample and direct ship! (Join here)
  • Direct Ship/ Unicorn Gifts/ Surprise Freebies (Join here)
  • Direct Ship, Freebies and Fun (Join here)

NOTE: I have been part of some of these groups for a while now but still I can’t assure you about the authenticity of all the offers posted in these groups.

Please do your due diligence before filling out any sign-up form. Just stay away from an offer if there is any kind of red flags.

2. Freebie Websites

Several freebie websites focus on sharing Amazon direct shipping offers. These sites have several offers posted that you can sign up for.

Here are links to a few of the websites that you can check out to find direct ship offers:

3.  Reddit

Reddit is also a great tool to search for direct shipping offers. You can search for keywords like “direct ship offers”, “direct ship freebie” or “Amazon direct ship” to find relevant posts and communities through which you can find direct shipping offers.

You can also register yourself as a user on Reddit and join sub-Reddits that may help you find Amazon direct ship offers and help you avoid any mistakes.

Once you find genuine links to sign up with sellers for direct ship freebies, all you need is to click on the link and fill up the Google Doc form. Filling out the form is pretty simple and will take only a few minutes.

Don’t be in a hurry to sign up for any form. Check with other members on Reddit forums to find out if they, too, have used the same link. This will save you from scammers.

How to avoid direct shipping scams?

While it is fun to receive freebies in the mail, we must never forget that there are many scammers out there.

You must be highly cautious while clicking on a freebie link and filling out the Google Doc form to receive free goods.

Here are a few simple tips to avoid direct shipping scams –

1. Give minimal information

Do not mention any personal details in the form other than your name, address, email, and phone number.

This is all the information that a seller needs to ship items to you. If you are asked for any more details beyond these four, do not fill the form.

2. Avoid giving your phone number and address

You should avoid giving your phone number and address. You can use a PO box address, create another email account, and use a second phone number for direct ship forms.

3. Never share your bank and social security information

If a form asks you for your social security, bank, or credit card information, it is a red flag.

A legit Amazon direct ship seller will never ask for this information. This form is a scam, and you should not fill it.

4. Verify all direct ship offers

Check with your friends and other members of direct ship Facebook groups and Reddit forums before you fill any forms. This will help you vet out scam offers.

Do you need to write a review for the freebies received through Amazon direct ship?

The answer is NO.

It’s against Amazon’s terms and conditions to write a review in exchange for the product you received for free.

You don’t want to give Amazon the impression that you write favorable reviews in return for free products. It can lead to the termination of your Amazon account.

If you still want to help the seller and express your gratitude by writing a review for the product, you can do so on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

What can I do with the direct shipping freebies that I don’t need?

So, you received something for free through Amazon direct ship that you don’t want or need and now wondering what you should do with them?

Firstly remember, all the stuff that you received is free of cost, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t like all the stuff that you have received.

Just keep what you like, and you can try the following options with the rest of the stuff:

  • Sell the stuff on the Facebook marketplace or local buy/sell group.
  • Give them to other family members or friends who might need them.
  • Some of the stuff can make good presents for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.
  • Donate them to local charities or non-profit organizations.

Pros and Cons of Amazon direct ship

Now that you know all about Amazon Direct Shipping, it’s time to consider the pros and cons:


  1. Amazon direct ship is free.  You get plenty of unique products, and there are no delivery charges.
  2. Amazon direct ship is relatively safe. You need to fill out a Google form when you click on the freebie link. You can always choose not to fill the form if you find the information, they ask to be suspicious.
  3. If you receive too many freebies, you can resell them or gift them to other people.
  4. This allows you to try items you may not have bought otherwise.


  1. While you can receive freebies through Amazon direct ship, you cannot choose the items you receive.
  2. You do not have a say in when you receive the freebies. It can take a few weeks or even a few months.
  3. You may end up getting more products than you can handle. This may become a bother after a while.
  4. Direct shipping scams are rampant on the net. You need to be extra careful while filling out the forms.

Final thoughts

So, are you ready to sign up for freebies through Amazon direct ship?

If you are then, follow all the above-mentioned necessary precautions to avoid scam offers and just enjoy your freebies.

If you have already tried Amazon direct ship, comment below to let me know your experiences.

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