Anika Jindal

Anika is a CPA and founder of What Anika Says. She shares simple and actionable frugal living, money management and money-saving tips to live a debt-free financially independent life. She has been featured on popular websites like Bankrate, Forbes, Mint ,and Authority Magazine. Byline: MSN

15 High-Demand Careers with Six-Figure Salaries

In today’s dynamic job market, earning a six-figure salary is an aspirational goal for many professionals. This dream can become a reality with careful planning and strategic career choices. The good news is that the landscape is shifting – wages are steadily rising across various sectors, and the demand for skilled professionals is on the

Games that play real money instantly by playing on smartphone

15 Games that Pay Real Money Instantly (Updated March 2024)

Who wouldn’t love spending time on games and earning real money? While the idea might sound bogus, the advancement of this era has made the deal possible. With the involvement of risk factors, these games can be a source of income for skilled players. Also, the games that pay real money instantly demand the element

12 Life Lessons That Aren’t Taught In School

Forget quadratic equations and historical dates – life’s most valuable lessons often go untaught in classrooms. While schools excel at imparting knowledge, navigating life’s messy, emotional, and ever-evolving journey requires a different skill set. From mastering communication to understanding failure, these are the essential life lessons you won’t find on a syllabus but that hold

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2024)

Dollar General, boasting over 19,000 locations across 47 states, is one of the United States’ foremost and most expansive variety store chains. Renowned for its affordability and extensive deals, most patrons frequent its stores in pursuit of budget-friendly items. Dollar General accommodates various payment forms to cater to the convenience of both in-store and online

Is Branded Surveys Worth the Sign-Up for Extra Money?

Many companies pay you to fill out online surveys to collect data for market research or launch new products and advertising campaigns. You only need a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection to earn from these surveys.  One of the most popular online sites for taking surveys is Branded Surveys.  If you want to

15 Mistakes To Avoid While Parenting

Being a parent is amazing, but it’s not always easy! On the journey of being the best parents, it’s natural to make mistakes. Here are 15 mistakes to avoid while being a parent for a smoother path filled with love, growth, and a positive environment. 1. Being Overprotective Parenting requires a delicate balance of safeguarding

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17 Jobs That Are Becoming Obsolete

The workforce is transforming due to automation, artificial intelligence, and shifts in market demands, resulting in the obsolescence of certain professions. Millions of people are left wondering whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace the careers they are pursuing or not. We’ll explore jobs at risk of extinction due to automation and evolving industry demands, possibly