Anika Jindal

Anika is a CPA and founder of What Anika Says. She shares simple and actionable frugal living, money management and money-saving tips to live a debt-free financially independent life. She has been featured on popular websites like Bankrate, Forbes, Mint ,and Authority Magazine. Byline: MSN

20 Reasons Electric Vehicles Haven’t Won Over Americans

The benefits and ethics of owning electric vehicles are a subject of debate worldwide. Some people prefer electric vehicles because they use clean energy and keep the environment safe. Others may not agree and have their own reasons not to own EVs. This list delves into the common reasons why Americans might dislike electric vehicles.

10 Family Meal Deals You Can Get at Restaurants for Under $20

In America, dining out is a cherished tradition that combines convenience with culinary delight. But who says you can’t savor the flavors of America’s diverse cuisine without breaking the bank? Welcome to our guide on the best restaurant family meal deals under $20. Here, we’ll unveil the secrets to enjoying a sumptuous and economical feast

30 Restaurants Where You Can Eat Free on Your Birthday

Birthdays in the US are not just a personal milestone but also an opportunity to enjoy a variety of culinary delights without spending a dime. Whether you’re craving a classic burger, a cheesy slice of pizza, or even a crunchy taco, there’s a place ready to serve you a freebie on your special day. This

12 Reasons to Think Twice Before Buying a New Car

Having the perfect car is a lifelong dream for most adults. As a country, the USA has one of the highest numbers of personal and commercial vehicles. Yet, buying a brand-new car may only sometimes be ideal for some. On the other hand, buying a used car has several upsides. We looked at Investopedia, GoBankingRates,

15 Best Places To Live In Florida

The warm weather, low cost of living, and vibrant lifestyle make Florida a popular choice for relocation. In 2024, the average cost of living here is 2% lower than the national average. We  have picked fifteen amazing places to live in Florida that are unique in their own way. Our compilation draws from a wide

20 Items Banned By TSA in Checked Baggage

Traveling by air requires familiarity with TSA’s baggage rules. This is to ensure a hassle-free journey. Among the myriad items, the TSA strictly prohibits certain items in checked baggage. These restrictions are for the safety of all passengers and cover a range of items. This list will give you an overview of 20 items that

Top 15 Best Behaved Dog Breeds To Consider

Finding the right dog is a tedious task. Some dogs are easy to train and have gentle behavior, while others can be very naughty or violent. Studies suggest that a particular dog breed’s behavior depends on its genetic history. We have listed some of the best-behaved dog breeds for you to consider. Take a look