Top 15 Best Behaved Dog Breeds To Consider

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Finding the right dog is a tedious task. Some dogs are easy to train and have gentle behavior, while others can be very naughty or violent. Studies suggest that a particular dog breed’s behavior depends on its genetic history.

We have listed some of the best-behaved dog breeds for you to consider. Take a look and choose your fur baby wisely.

Korean Jindo Dog

Origin: Island of Jindo, South Korea

Known for their intelligence, the Korean Jindo Dog is one of the most well-behaved dog breeds. As per a recent social media survey, 75.86% of dog parents feel this breed is very good in behavior. With the right training, this dog can become loyal and obedient to you in no time.

Perro de Presa Canario/ Canary Mastiff

Origin: Canary Islands

The Canary Mastiffs are famous for their protectiveness and loyal nature. They were primarily bred as guard dogs and catch dogs. They are big and need proper training to get adjusted in households. If you want a dog who can protect you and shower you with affection, the Canary Mastiff could be your pick.

Golden Retriever

Origin: Scottish Highlands

Golden Retrievers could be your best choice if you want a dog without hassles. Friendly, easy-going, intelligent, and gentle-behaved are only some perks of their beautiful personality. They can easily mingle with people and enjoy simple activities. They are the ideal family pets and can be great companions.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Origin: United Kingdom

People cherish Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for their loving and gentle nature. They can adapt to various living situations. They are extremely alert, so they can inform you of any possible threats in advance. However, they can easily get attached to their masters and thus require continuous attention.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Origin: Southern Africa, especially Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

Surveys show that around 71% of pet lovers think of Rhodesian Ridgeback as a well-behaved dog. They were formerly called African Lion Dogs for their smart nature. The most unique feature of this dog breed is the reverse hairline looking like a ridge on their back. They are very energetic and you can easily pet them with proper care.

Black Mouth Cur

Origin: United States

The muscular Black Mouth Cur dogs are well known for their special black mask around the muzzle. They are not typically aggressive, so they do not attack randomly without provocation. These dogs make great adjustments with children. Plus, they have great instincts for danger, so you have nothing to worry about safety when they are in the house.

Portuguese Water Dog

Origin: Portugal

If you prefer a playful dog, the Portuguese Water Dog can be the best selection for you. You can take these dogs with you for many pleasurable activities like swimming, hiking, etc. They used to be bred for sailors to assist them in herding fish into nets or finding lost gear. These dogs make great friends with people.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Origin: Swiss Alps

Bernese Mountain Dogs might look intimidating for their huge size, but they will win you with their calm and gentle temperament. They are typically good-natured and loyal companions, making them great family pets. This strikingly beautiful dog breed is renowned for their affectionate nature.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Origin: Anatolian region of Turkey

Once upon a time, Turkish nomads used to breed The Anatolian Shepherd dog to protect their livestock. It was not until the 1950s that these dogs came to the United States. With proper training, there can be no better dogs than them. They are typically gentle and affectionate with their family members, including children.

Newfoundland Dogs

Origin: Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland dogs are also popular by the name ‘Newfies’. They are known for their gentle behavior, loyalty, and remarkable strength. These dogs are great for keeping in the house. Their water-resistant fur coat makes them well adapted to water and thus, they can be used as lifesavers.

Rat Terrier

Origin: United States

Perky long ears and bright eyes are just a few of the reasons to fall in love with the Rat Terrier dog breed. In earlier times, American farmers bred these dogs to keep a check on rats and other harmful animals. Rat Terriers are highly intelligent and they are very easy to please. Naturally, these dogs rank in the top ten best-behaved dogs.

Belgian Malinois

Origin: Belgium

The Belgian Malinois breed is one of the four varieties of Belgian Shepherd dogs. The name ‘Malinois’ comes from the city of Malines in Belgium—where the breed was first developed. These medium to large-sized dogs are very sleek in looks. They are very intelligent and have excellent energy. Police and military often employ this breed as security dogs, yet they can be great in households too.

Miniature Pinscher

Origin: Germany

Lovingly called ‘Min Pin’, the Miniature Pinscher dog breed is a cross between German Pinschers and Italian Greyhounds. These dogs have a lively personality and they are quite fearless. They are not exactly the cuddly kind of dogs. Yet, you will have a lot of fun with their playfulness.

Dutch Shepherd

Origin: Netherlands

Much like other shepherd dogs, the Dutch Shepherd breed were working guard dogs for farmers in the past. They are prone to follow instructions, so you can easily train them for your household. You have to be very engaged with them, otherwise they might give you a hard time. For experienced dog owners, this breed can be an exciting choice.


Origin: Germany / France

The history of Poodles traces back to both Germany and France. This breed has one of the most wonderful appearances. They will not only woo you with their beauty but will also bring a smile to your face with their cheerful nature. They are also hypoallergenic, making them perfect for people with allergies.


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