13 Things That Make You More Attractive Than Others

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The things that make you truly attractive come from within you—your personality, mindset, and actions. Simple things like smelling nice, being funny, and smiling more can make a big difference. It might be hard to believe since society often focuses on physical looks, but real beauty is much deeper than what you see in the mirror.

We have curated a list of 13 things that make you more attractive than others.

Sense of humor

A real smile and a laugh that spreads can be very powerful. Try to have a kind and respectful sense of humor and enjoy the little things in life. A funny joke or a clever comment can make someone’s day better and create a happy environment around you.


Being kind and understanding toward others is something people always appreciate. When you care about others and show real interest in their lives, you build strong relationships.

Moreover, you reveal a special kind of beauty inside you. Try to listen carefully and offer emotional support to those around you. You’ll notice that your empathy shows in your actions, and this makes you appear attractive to others.


Giving without expecting anything in return is a wonderful act that shows your kindness and inner beauty. Whether you are helping people in tough times or working on charity projects, being generous always makes a positive impact. Sharing your time, resources, and talents with others builds connections with your community and makes you more attractive in ways that go beyond just looks.


Having a great intellect makes you more attractive in several ways. It not only enhances your appearance but also helps you grow as an individual. With knowledge and skills, you gain the confidence to express yourself clearly and boldly. Being curious and eager to learn are admirable traits that make you unique and noticeable.

Smile more

The science of attraction is largely based on biology and the instinct to find a good mate. This means that what makes someone attractive often depends on what the opposite gender looks for in a partner.

For example, a study from the University of British Columbia found that women who smile are seen as more attractive than those who show other facial expressions. However, this isn’t the case for men.


The preference for colors can vary from person to person. For example, some women might find a blue shirt very attractive and feel a strong connection with someone wearing it. Meanwhile, others might prefer other colors to feel confident. However, one color, red, seems to be generally more appealing, especially to women.

Research shows that men often find women wearing red, whether it’s a red dress, bag, or lipstick—more attractive than other colors. This is because red is seen as a sign of sexual interest.

Being jealous-free

Jealousy blocks blessings. Focus on feeling good and wishing others well. In relationships, avoid jealousy; be loving and supportive instead. For singles, don’t envy others’ relationships; be happy for them. Life works like a boomerang—what you give out, you get back. When you’re genuinely happy for others, they’ll likely be happy for you too.

Dress well

Choosing stylish, well-fitted clothes enhances attractiveness, irrespective of natural appearance. Clothes reflect confidence and attention to detail, making individuals appear more appealing. It’s about how one presents oneself through clothing, influencing perceptions of attractiveness.

Having ambitions

Having goals and aspirations is attractive because it shows that you are motivated and have direction in life. Ambition indicates that you strive for improvement and are likely to be a reliable partner. These qualities go beyond superficial looks and contribute to a deeper, more lasting form of attractiveness. Developing these traits can help you connect with others on a more meaningful level.

Self care

Taking care of personal hygiene and grooming demonstrates self-respect and consideration for others. Regular bathing, clean clothes, and a pleasant scent increase attraction by giving confidence and comfort. Prioritizing hygiene and grooming not only improves physical appearance, but it also demonstrates responsibility and respect, which promotes pleasant relationships and confidence.

Good posture

Good posture makes you look confident and strong. When you have good posture, you appear more approachable and sure of yourself. People are drawn to others who look confident. It also helps you look healthier and more energetic. Good posture is important for your physical health too. It can prevent back and neck pain. So, by having good posture, you not only look attractive, but you also feel better and stay healthy.

Don’t stress

Just as smiling and kindness enhance attractiveness, stress signs like eye bags and dull skin reduce it. This isn’t just because stress shows on your face; people can sense a weakened immune system.

A study from Europe and South Africa found that women rated men as more attractive when they had lower cortisol levels and stronger immune systems. According to psychologist Fhionna R. Moore, women can detect men with the strongest immune responses and find them the most appealing.

Eye contact

When you meet someone new, pay attention to the color of their eyes. This makes you look into their eyes a bit longer, which shows you are interested and paying attention. Eye contact is important because it helps build a connection and shows confidence. When you hold eye contact for just a bit longer, it can make the other person feel valued and understood. This small gesture can make you more appealing and create a positive impression.