14 States Americans Are Skipping on Their Travels

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Despite each American state offering unique charm and attractions, some states have fallen out of favor with tourists. With changing travel trends and preferences, these states struggle to draw visitors. Here, we will delve into the reasons why they are no longer top choices for travelers, despite their hidden gems and potential for adventure. From lack of amenities to geographic isolation, we will explore why these states see fewer tourists and what they still offer to those who visit.


Despite its breathtaking landscapes, Alaska sees fewer tourists than other states. Its remote location and high travel costs make it less accessible. The extreme cold and long winters can deter many visitors.

While it offers unique experiences like glacier tours and the Northern Lights, these are seasonal and weather-dependent. Limited infrastructure and amenities also make travel challenging. As a result, Alaska remains a less popular destination for many tourists.


States with bigger attractions or more famous cities often overshadow Kentucky. Many people may not find Kentucky’s horse racing and bourbon appealing. Visitors are more drawn to exotic beaches and theme parks, which Kentucky does not have. However, it could be a great destination for those interested in American traditions, outdoor activities, and culinary delights. The state’s unique attractions are worth exploring. Kentucky’s cultural heritage is a significant draw for some.


Delaware, one of the smallest states in the U.S., has little to offer visitors. It is often overshadowed by neighboring states like Pennsylvania and Maryland, which have larger cities and more attractions. This lack of significant tourist attractions keeps it off many travel itineraries. While it has beautiful beaches, they are not enough to draw large crowds. Its small size and limited activities make it easy to overlook.


Tourists often overlooked Wyoming, despite its natural beauty. It lacks major urban attractions and entertainment venues that other states boast. The state’s remote location and sparse population make it less appealing to those seeking bustling city life. Despite being home to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, which offer stunning scenery and wildlife, Wyoming struggles to attract visitors year-round. Harsh winters and limited infrastructure further deter tourism. As a result, it remains one of the lesser-visited states in America.


Mississippi often gets overlooked by tourists due to a lack of big, famous attractions. The state struggles with poverty and has fewer amenities for visitors. CNBC has dubbed it “the worst state for business,” which might deter potential tourists.

Despite its rich cultural history, Mississippi remains a less popular destination. Its beautiful landscapes and historical sites are often missed. Efforts to improve tourism continue, but challenges remain.

West Virginia

West Virginia is known for its rural landscapes and mining history, which might not excite everyone. It lacks big cities and typical tourist attractions like theme parks and beaches, so it offers limited entertainment and recreational options. However, it offers stunning mountains and rivers for those who enjoy nature, hiking, and outdoor sports. The state’s natural beauty is a major draw for outdoor enthusiasts. Despite its limited attractions, it provides a peaceful retreat.


People mostly know Nebraska for its flat plains and lack of exciting activities or landmarks. The state’s tourism committee is actively spending $5 million to attract more visitors. Attractions like the Omaha Zoo can be a major draw. However, Nebraska still struggles to compete with states that offer more dynamic tourism experiences. Its quiet charm appeals to some, but not enough to boost its popularity. Efforts continue to highlight its unique attractions.

North Dakota

One of America’s least visited state, North Dakota, lacks the big attractions found in other states. It is known for harsh winters and a sparse population making it less appealing to travelers seeking vibrant destinations. Its remote location and lack of major cities further deter tourism. Despite this, it offers unique experiences for those who visit. The state’s natural beauty is a hidden gem.

South Dakota

Few people choose to visit South Dakota because it’s not as well-known as other states. It lacks big cities and famous amusement parks that attract tourists. While it has attractions like Mount Rushmore and the Badlands, these are more about nature and history, which may not interest everyone. However, for outdoor enthusiasts, it offers beautiful landscapes and quiet places. The state’s rich history and natural beauty are worth exploring. Its peaceful environment appeals to a select group of travelers.


Tourists often skip Iowa because it is mainly known for its farms and small towns. It lacks famous landmarks or major theme parks that attract large crowds. Iowa’s charm lies in its quiet countryside, friendly communities, and festivals like the Iowa State Fair. However, the rural appeal is not enough to draw many tourists. The state’s peaceful environment appeals to those looking for a quiet getaway. Efforts to boost tourism are ongoing.


Many people don’t visit Arkansas because it’s not as famous as other states. It lacks big tourist cities and widely known attractions. Arkansas is known for its natural beauty, with forests, lakes, and hot springs. For those who enjoy peaceful nature walks and outdoor activities, it offers plenty of beautiful spots to explore and relax. The state’s quiet charm appeals to nature lovers. Efforts to boost its tourism continue.


Idaho often gets missed by tourists because it’s not heavily marketed like other states. It is known for its vast wilderness and outdoor activities, which might not appeal to everyone. Idaho’s economy relies heavily on agriculture and manufacturing, which doesn’t typically draw tourists. Despite this, Idaho offers breathtaking mountain views, world-class recreation like hiking and skiing, and is famous for its potato industry. The state’s natural beauty is its main attraction. Efforts to promote tourism are ongoing.


Alabama isn’t as flashy or well-known as states with big attractions like theme parks or beaches. It is rich in history and culture, especially for its role in the civil rights movement. These are not always the biggest tourist draws. Despite this, Alabama offers a warm climate, historic landmarks, and a deep-rooted music scene. The state’s cultural heritage is significant. Its unique history attracts a niche group of visitors.


Tourists often overlook Kansas because it is mostly flat and known for its vast farmlands. These features might not seem exciting to everyone. It lacks major attractions like big amusement parks or famous landmarks.

Recently, Thrillist ranked it “the least beautiful state,” further impacting its appeal. Despite this, Kansas offers a rich history and cultural heritage. The state’s quiet charm attracts a select group of travelers.