His Mom’s New Boyfriend Lost Money To Him At Poker And Demanding His Money Back Now. He Refused, So His Mom Thinks “He is Being GREEDY And SELFISH.”

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It is uncomfortable to build relationship with your parent’s new partners. Add a poker game to the mix, and the situation may become more complicated. A 17-year-old who ended up making $150 in poker asked on the forum, “AITA for fleecing my mom’s boyfriend at poker?”

Here’s what happened.


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The original poster (OP) is a 17-year-old who has been in a different state for school. His mother has a new boyfriend she has been dating for under a year. The boyfriend has made overtures to build a relationship with OP, but OP has been away at school and hence hasn’t been able to. “Plus, I’m not especially interested since I am not close with my mom,” says OP.

Since Op was in the area during summer break, and his mom’s boyfriend invited OP to a poker night with his friends. “I didn’t want to go, but my mom urged me to, and I didn’t have an excuse because I didn’t have plans, so I reluctantly agreed,” says OP.


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What happened at poker night was quite unexpected. “My mom’s boyfriend and his friends don’t know that I’m actually pretty good at poker or at least better than them. I sat in on a round before playing and realized these guys weren’t good at all,” says OP.

So, OP devised a plan: He pretended never to have played poker before, bait them, and make money.” That way, I make sure he never invites me ever again, and I make some extra cash,” he explains.

OPI ended up making about $150 in cash, which is decent but far from a vast amount when poker is concerned.


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OP’s mom’s boyfriend demanded OP give the money back to his friends. OP’s mom also sided with him.

“I think I earned the money fair and square and don’t need to return it. I told him this, and he called me selfish and greedy,” says OP.

Asks OP, “Am I wrong?”

Here’s how people responded.


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“You are not wrong for having a good poker face. Why even bet money if they didn’t want to lose money?”


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“Exactly. It’s poker 101 not to bet money you’re attached to.”


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“Just go ahead and ask, “Well, had I lost, would you be making the winner return his profits?” He’s embarrassed and angry that a minor beat him, particularly one he invited expecting you to bite it(why else would he be mad when you win?).

Your mom wants you to concede to make her life easier; however, the only way that can be accomplished is by you sacrificing something that you earned and your happiness. Ask her if that’s what it will take from you for the rest of her life. I have a feeling the honest answer is a resounding yes.”


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“He probably only invited OP to embarrass him because he thought OP didn’t know how to play or get money out of him. He played a gambling game, and he gambled and lost. nothing more.”


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“I don’t think he wanted to embarrass him; he wanted OP to see him as a ‘winner’ or something. OP would lose, he’d be the hero and cover the losses, OP would realize that stepdad can do something ‘manly’ that OP can’t, and then they could bond over him teaching OP but only in a scenario where he’s admired and has all the power.”


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“Pretending to be new to the game is the oldest hustle in the book. They should be ashamed of themselves for falling for it and doubly ashamed that they kept throwing good money after bad! There’s no way you won $150 in one round, so once it became obvious that you knew your way around a poker table, it was their fault that they kept playing with you.”


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“For a 17-year-old, you appear very smart with money, my man! You should be proud of yourself to know things like this that most 30+ year-olds haven’t figured out yet.
Stay wise!”

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