20 Most Dangerous Places For Women Travelers

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The world is full of incredible destinations waiting to be explored. However, for women travelers, safety is always a top priority. Here, we explore 20 destinations that may require extra vigilance or planning for a smooth and secure solo adventure.

This list isn’t meant to be a travel deterrent but an empowering resource. We’ve compiled it based on data regarding crime against women in these countries, alongside factors like overall gender discrimination. Our goal is to equip you, the intrepid explorer, with the information you need to make informed decisions and embark on unforgettable journeys confidently.

South Africa

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South Africa is a popular travel destination because of its spectacular landscapes, incredible wildlife, and cultural diversity. However, the Women’s Danger Index ranked South Africa as the most dangerous for female travelers because of its high level of violent crime, including rape and murder.


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Every year, Brazil attracts about 6.6 million non-resident tourists. Still, it ranks as the second most dangerous country for women travelers.

Urban areas in Brazil frequently experience violent crimes, such as armed robbery, gang activities, and carjacking. Additionally, travel advisories strongly advise against traveling to regions along Brazil’s land borders.


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Russia exhibits different safety conditions depending on the region. While major cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg generally maintain adequate safety measures, ongoing caution is advisable due to the potential for petty crimes such as pickpocketing, particularly in crowded areas.


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Surprisingly, Mexico is the most visited country out of all the unsafe places in the world. Despite its beautiful beaches and appealing retiree locales, Mexico faces high levels of violence against women, including sexual assault and kidnapping.


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Security concerns, ongoing conflict, and strict gender norms make Afghanistan a dangerous destination for travelers, especially women.

Additionally, high risks of abduction, street harassment, and safety at night have led foreign offices of many countries to discourage travel to Afghanistan.


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Travel advisors strongly discourage female travelers from visiting Syria due to the current highly dangerous situation.

Crimes like armed robberies and murder have become common alongside terrorism, military conflict, and chemical weapons, making it unsafe for women to travel.

Dominican Republic

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The country is popular among American travelers because of its breathtaking beaches, mountains, and rainforest. However, several crimes, including petty crimes, scams, and sexual aggression against foreigners, have become common in public places.

Checking updated advice for female travelers is recommended for the latest destination’s legal framework before visiting.


Egypt offers female travelers an exciting destination rich in history and culture. With ample opportunities to explore, women can have an incredible and welcoming experience in the country. Despite its attractions, Egypt poses a significant risk to female travelers due to a high incidence of sexual harassment. Egpyt is also the tenth worst country for street safety.


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Morocco is famous for its incredible palaces, mosques, and iconic architectural landmarks. However, the country records the highest percentage, with 45% in sexual violence, and ranks tenth, with a percentage of 32% in physical violence, making it an unsafe place for female travelers in the world.


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India is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for female travelers due to its cultural diversity, spirituality, wellness, and nature. Still, India poses challenges for female travelers as incidents of sexual assault, scamming, petty crimes, and public harassment are common, especially when traveling solo.


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Thailand attracts tourists with its stunning architecture, beaches, temples, and food, but it’s a risky destination for female travelers, especially solo.

Female travelers question the safety of traveling to Thailand due to the considerable presence of sex tourism, elevated levels of gender-based violence, and increased risks during nighttime.


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Chile raises concerns for female travelers due to its ranking as the seventh worst for street safety, with a reported 85% of women experiencing street harassment.

Additionally, 40% of women encounter daily harassment, emphasizing safety challenges for female travelers in the country.


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Iraq is considered dangerous for female travelers due to ongoing security issues and the impact of past conflicts, which pose risks of violence and instability. Strict societal norms and cultural differences may affect the safety and comfort of women. Travel advisories often highlight the potential dangers to U.S. citizens, including terrorism and kidnapping.


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Yemen poses high travel risks due to ongoing conflict, political instability, and terrorism. The country is also facing a high rate of sexual assault and physical violence, with almost no protection from the government. Before planning to travel, it is advisable to check recent government travel advisories.


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Pakistan is famous for its rich cultural heritage, historical sites, and delicious cuisine. However, female travelers may experience security concerns, including harassment and assault. Additionally, incidents of gender-based violence and harassment are common occurrences in the country.


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While Malaysia is generally safe to travel, concerns for female travelers may stem from isolated incidents of petty crimes, cultural differences, and occasional risks in specific areas. Staying informed, avoiding rural or less crowded places, respecting local customs, and exercising caution can contribute to a safer travel experience.


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Chad has been experiencing political instability, kidnapping, armed robbery, and terrorism. Terrorists may attack anytime without warning, targeting foreigners and civilians. Travel Advisory recommends not to travel to Lake Chad and its borders with the Central African Republic, Libya, and Sudan due to armed conflict and terrorism.


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Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt and is a land of vast desert with sweeping sand dunes. Still, years of conflict have discouraged travelers. The ongoing violence and unpredictability continue to target women, with reports indicating incidents of rape and sexual violence; it’s better to avoid visiting Sudan; government advises not to travel.


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Argentina is the third worst country in terms of street safety. Local women and female travelers frequently encounter unwanted comments on the streets. In popular tourist spots, petty crimes such as phone theft, bag snatching, and robbery are prevalent.


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Like Argentina, Ukraine has the worst street safety, ranking sixth. Considering the recent political conflict and increased crime rates, Ukraine poses safety concerns for female travelers. Moreover, travel advisories still recommend not to travel due to Russia’s war against Ukraine.