How to Make a Penny Spinner

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Make a Penny Spinner

Looking for some easy and fun activity for the kids? If yes, then you should definitely try to make a penny spinner with your kids.

Trust me! They are going to love it.

I loved this activity too because it allows the kids to be creative and let them play around with different colors and patterns.

Supplies Required:

  1. Paper plates
  2. Construction Paper
  3. Pennies
  4. Pencil
  5. Ruler
  6. A round lid
  7. Scissors
  8. Markers
  9. Glue
penny spinner

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Step by Step Instructions to Make a Penny Spinner:

1. Draw a circle on a paper plate using a round lid and then cut it using the scissors.

penny spinner

2. Then, draw circle of same size as of paper plate circle on a construction paper and cut it.

make a penny spinner
make a penny spinner
make a penny spinner

3. Now, paste the construction paper circles on the paper plate circles.

how to make a penny spinner
how to make a penny spinner

4. Using the crayola marker, make some fun patterns on the circles.

how to make a penny spinner
DIY penny spinner

5. Using the ruler, draw a mark in the center of the circle and make a small cut on that mark using scissors. Take help from adult so that you don’t cut your hand. Also, keep the cut smaller than the size of penny so that the coin fits tight in the cut.

DIY penny spinner
DIY penny spinner

6. Now put the penny in the cut and you can start having fun with your spinner.

easy penny spinner

Isn’t it easy and fun to make a penny spinner? Do let me know in comments how you like this idea?

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