Is Branded Surveys Worth the Sign-Up for Extra Money?

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Many companies pay you to fill out online surveys to collect data for market research or launch new products and advertising campaigns. You only need a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection to earn from these surveys. 

One of the most popular online sites for taking surveys is Branded Surveys. 

If you want to make extra money by participating in branded surveys, you may be curious to know if they are legitimate. Here is a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision.


  Simple to set up and use

  Option to accelerate earning rate with Elite.

  Better earnings as compared to other survey companies

  Better cashout options than other paid survey sites

  Low minimum cashout threshold.


Low earnings

  Limited opportunities

  Many faced cashout problems and account ban issues

About Branded Surveys

Formerly known as MintVine, Branded Surveys is a proprietary research community of two million users and generates nearly 15 million high-quality completed surveys every year. 

Branded Research, a San Diego-based global audience platform and insights company, owned this online survey platform. In 2017, the company rebranded MintVine to Branded Surveys. Last year, Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data platform, acquired Branded Research. The company partners with some of the most respected research firms, such as Neilson, Forrester, Harris Interactive, J.D. Power, and Hall & Partners. These firms work on behalf of Fortune 500 companies to conduct surveys.

All these facts about Branded Surveys are publicly accessible on the internet on the company’s official website, social media accounts, and other credible websites. 

Online Survey Process with Branded Surveys 

You must sign up with Branded Surveys on its website or mobile application and create a profile. The platform will match the surveys online to your profile and show on your dashboard. You are saved from the trouble of searching hundreds of surveys to find the one that suits your liking or earnings goal.

These surveys can range from questions about your habits and preferences to reviews of a certain product or service. Each survey displays the time it will take to complete and the number of points you can earn. 

The Branded Surveys team will send your answers to a completed survey to its market research clients for approval. Once the support comes through and you earn a few hundred points, you can opt for cash out and collect your reward. There are three ways to redeem your points:

  • You can request direct cash credit to your PayPal or bank account (only for United States members). 
  • You can convert the points into prepaid Visas and Amazon gift cards. You can even redeem for gift cards from different retailers and restaurants. You can also get gift cards for Disney, Airbnb, Delta Air Lines, and other brands. 
  • You can donate your earnings to a United States charity if you want to do something good for society.

Ratings and Reviews

Branded Surveys has a 4.1-star review (based on 86k+ reviews) on Trustpilot, a leading customer review platform. Branded Surveys application has a 4.2-star rating on Google Play and a 4.5-star rating on Apple Store.

A majority of the participants have posted positive reviews about the platform. They have appreciated the hassle-free sign-up and survey-filling process, faster and timely payout, variety of paid surveys, good customer support, etc. 

However, some participants have also expressed their grievances. For example, some reviews state that the website may disqualify you from taking the survey. This process ensures that you are the right fit for the surveys and that the client company can get accurate answers. Usually, the client company rejects the survey answers for three common reasons: unclear open ends, inconsistent responses, and completion in a rush.

Sometimes, the survey session may time out, and you must log in again to answer all questions from the start.

Earnings – How Much Can You Earn?

Branded Surveys platform has paid over 44 million dollars to its community members to date! Understandably, several questions such as ‘Do they genuinely pay?’, ‘How much money can you make?’, or ‘Would you be able to cash out?’ would have popped up in your mind. 

Honestly, the how much you get paid primarily depends on how many surveys you complete and whether the client company approves your answers. The length and type of the survey determines the payout. For example, short surveys may give you only 50 points, while long surveys can give 100, 200, 300, or even more points. Similarly, a survey with a niche target audience may help you earn up to $20. For example, the client company may be conducting research to create a product for families with children with autism disorder.

Branded Surveys give a minimum payout of $5 against 500 points. So, 100 points give you $1. 

Earning Additional Points

Branded Surveys platform allows you to earn more money through extra points. Here are some ways you can do it:

Sign-Up Bonus

You get 50 points as soon as you sign-up with Branded Surveys. You will then need to complete your first survey, giving you another 50 points. So, you will score your first 100 points quickly.


You can share referral links of Branded Surveys with your family, friends, or social media followers. If they sign up successfully on the website, you will get 50 points for each referral. There is no limit on the number of referrals!

Daily Polls

Branded Surveys will show you polls on your dashboard every day. If you respond to the poll question, you will score five points in less than a minute!

Partner Surveys

Your dashboard also shows a list of Branded Surveys’ partner companies. You can fill out the partner surveys to earn bonus points, free products, free samples, gift cards, and great deals.

Branded Elite Program

Branded Surveys offers badge perks to its members through the Branded Elite Program. You can earn additional points when you upgrade to this program. You move through three tiers after the sign-up to become eligible for this program.

You can also gain brownie points for referrals under the Branded Elite Program. For example, if your referral earns a Silver badge, Branded Surveys credits 50 points to your profile.

Branded Leaderboard

Branded Surveys has a feature called Leaderboard. You become eligible for it when you respond to a good number of surveys. The respondents who accumulate the most points in daily, weekly, or monthly drawings can earn between 50 and 1000 points. 

Payout Mechanism

Branded Surveys platform seems to have a fast mechanism for payouts. After placing the withdrawal request, it takes one or two business days for you to get the cash or gift card rewards. The payout for Silver and Gold members is processed instantly. 

If currency conversion rates apply to your payout, then Branded Surveys updates these rates on the first Thursday of every month.

Legitimacy of Branded Surveys

The legitimacy of online survey sites is dependent on several factors:

Sign-Up Fees

If the survey site asks you to give your money for signing-up, it could be a scam.

Branded Surveys has free registration. There is no sign-up fee to take surveys.

Sensitive or Confidential Information

A survey site that requires you to share your social security number, credit card information, driver’s license details, or other personal information is untrustworthy. It is likely to steal your identity and misuse it.

When you create a profile with Branded Surveys, you need to enter your email ID, gender, and demographic information. You can share more specific information to match with more surveys. Alternatively, you can also register with your Facebook or Google profile.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Fraud websites for online surveys don’t have a privacy policy or terms of service. Even if they do, there could be loopholes to trick you.

Branded Surveys has a comprehensive privacy policy regarding the collection and usage of your personal and other information. You also have the option to opt out of location data, push notifications, email communications, social media platform profile data sharing, advertising networks, and advertising identifiers. You can read the entire privacy policy.

You can request the platform to opt out of the sale of your personal information, delete your data, or get a copy of your personal information regarding your account. 

Dynata has listed general terms of service if you choose to be a member of Branded Surveys. Click here to read more about these terms regarding the applicability, membership eligibility, participation, passwords, profile updates, reward programs, etc.

Social Media Presence, Updates, and Reviews

Online survey sites that aim to scam you lack social media presence or active updates. If these sites have a high number of positive reviews and very few negative reviews, it could also be a red flag.

Branded Surveys and Dynata have official websites and active social media accounts, namely LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Their digital presence and member reviews on Trustpilot are easily accessible on Google.

Customer Support

It is difficult to contact the customer service of scam survey sites. They do not have legitimate phone numbers, email IDs, or any other means of customer communication. Branded Surveys has a dedicated ‘Help’ section on its website to address your queries regarding sign-up, profile creation, payouts, etc. It even has chatbot support. 

Dubious Points and Reward System

A survey site that promises you to pay unreasonable points or money or expensive goodies is likely to be a fraudster. Often, their promises sound too good to be true.

Branded Surveys platform has an easy, transparent, and reasonable system for points and rewards

Should You Sign-Up with Branded Surveys?

Well, it is entirely at your discretion. You should conduct thorough research and evaluate the pros and cons of paid online survey sites before signing up with them. Branded Survey has most pros in its favor, lending it a fair degree of credibility. You can register (it is free!) on their website and try it for yourself. You always have a choice to exit as and when you want.