Her Son Doesn’t Want To See the Same Movie As His Family She Refused Paying For His Ticket Saying- “He Needs To Pay For His Own Thing.” Is She Right?

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Family outings are a great way to spend time together and create memories. But what do you do when not everyone in the family wants to spend time together? A mother of three kids asked on an online forum, “Am I wrong for not giving my son money to buy his own ticket?”

Here’s what happened.


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The original poster (OP) is a mother to three children; the eldest is a 15-year-old boy. OP and her husband decided to take their three kids to a movie outing, but things didn’t go as planned.


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When they reached the venue, OP’s oldest, 15, said he wanted to watch a different movie than the rest of the family. “I said that was fine, and we would meet him at the ice cream place across the street (his choice would start and end later),” says OP.

They started to split up, and then OP’s son told OP she forgot to give him money for a ticket.


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“I asked why I would give him money for a ticket. He said he needed the money to buy his ticket. I said he could use his own money,” explains OP.


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He said that wasn’t fair because OP was going to buy a ticket for him before. OP replied that she would buy tickets for the whole family for a family outing. And that if he’s doing his own thing, he needs to pay for it.

OP’s son said he didn’t want to pay and would watch the same movie as the rest. He was grumpy afterward.



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OP’s husband said she was being petty.

“I don’t think it’s petty. I think it’s a life lesson. People are more than piggy banks,” explains OP. Is she right?

It’s a mixed verdict in this case.


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“The lesson she taught is that people can (and should) be controlled by money. What a crappy lesson for a parent to teach. OP Yes, you are wrong.”


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“Someone offers you a free ticket to go and see something, drives you to it, and you expect them to give you the money anyway to see something completely different without them, and they’re wrong for not wanting to pay for that? And you also are getting ice cream afterward and a ride back home. The level of entitlement that comment betrays is legendary, bordering on mythical.”


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“If a parent invites you out and you choose to ditch her, you don’t also expect her to pay for you to do so. It’s like you have no shame.”


“Welcome to parenting a teenager, where they are too cool to hang out with their parents and don’t want to watch the movies their younger siblings are allowed to watch. Normal teenager behavior. Nobody likes it, but everyone was once a teen, and if they’re a parent, they will have to deal with a teen.”


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“OP didn’t do anything wrong I’m sure all these upset people in the comments are just teenagers that also didn’t get what they wanted when they wanted.

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