Girlfriend Refused To Allow Using Her Expensive Tray For Wedding, Boyfriend Tells The Couple. Says, “She Thinks Someone Might Steal It”. Thinks He Is Right.

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Generally, people depend on their loved ones for support. But you can feel let down when your partner betrays your confidence in public. Something similar happened to a user when she confided in her boyfriend. She asked on the forum, “Am I wrong for saying that I don’t want an expensive tray stolen at a wedding?”

Here’s what happened.


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The original poster(30F) and her boyfriend (30M) were invited to his friend’s wedding. “I’ve met the bride and groom a few times; my boyfriend has known them for decades,” says the original poster (OP).

There is a local tradition for each guest to bring a dozen cookies to the wedding, then at the wedding, everybody’s cookies are displayed together to make a cookie table. “We wanted to participate, so we baked cookies the night before,” explains OP.


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OP has a very beautiful and expensive tea tray. Her boyfriend suggested that I use it to display the cookies.

“I said no, it’s a 300-person wedding; I don’t want some auntie ‘accidentally’ taking it home with her,” says OP. Her boyfriend seemed fine with this, so they found a simple bowl perfectly appropriate for the occasion and used that to display the cookies.


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After the wedding, as OP and her boyfriend were preparing to leave and OP went to retrieve her bowl, the boyfriend told the newlyweds that OP didn’t want to use her tea tray because she thought one of their guests might steal it.
“I tried to backtrack by saying that I just didn’t want it to get misplaced or damaged, but he called me out on lying,” says OP.


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The newlyweds said something about everyone there being friends and family, it was very awkward, and we left shortly.

“I am angry because I told him that in confidence, and he should have known better than to repeat that to his friends, even though they were very close. Am I wrong,” asks OP.

Here’s how people responded.


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“NTA, but your man sure is! No more cookies for him until he learns to behave better in public.”


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“Right, why would he say that?? How awkward for her and the newlyweds.”


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“Some people have no filter or just want to look better than their partners.”


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“If the dude was intentionally putting OP down to inflate his image, he’s gotta go!”


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“I mean, honestly, who would bring an expensive tray to a gathering of 300 people? I don’t care how much they are friends and family. Even if it doesn’t grow legs, it could be broken, dented, or otherwise damaged.
You use such trays for the holidays hosted at your house.”


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“There’s “having no filter,” and then there’s saying something, having the other person try and save the conversation, then “calling them out for lying.” This was purposeful.”

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