12 Frugal Habits That Might Be a Bit Too Much

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Being frugal is a positive money psychology. It is the ‘extreme frugality’ mindset that has its drawbacks. It can prevent you from enjoying life even when you can afford to buy or do things. Check out 12 frugal habits that are too much to handle and are worth giving up.

1. Extreme Couponing

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Coupons provide some great deals. However, one must question whether it is worth searching for coupons for hours and spending on unnecessary items.

Amanda writes about frugal minimalist style and shared her experience as an extreme couponer on Hello Brownlow. She started stocking up on things she wouldn’t use but bought them anyway to take advantage of coupons. It took her years to realize her habit.

2. Store Hopping

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Driving from one store to another to get good bargains helps save money, but it is a waste of time, which has an opportunity cost. A few dollars saved on groceries equals a few dollars spent on gas and the vehicle’s wear and tear.

3. Replacing Toilet Paper

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People obsessed with frugality are known to replace toilet paper with newspaper, reusable cloth toilet paper, wash clothes, flannel wipes, or a squeeze bottle filled with water. Well, these options can put personal hygiene at risk.

4. Reusing Coffee Grounds

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Coffee isn’t so expensive that one should reuse the grounds to brew the subsequent cups of coffee and compromise the taste. This is taking frugality too far. Why not recycle the coffee grounds as a natural plant fertilizer or an insect repellent and save money there?

5. Questioning Every Small Purchase

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When one starts justifying or stressing over every cent that can be saved, it is a frugality addiction. Some things and experiences are too valuable or good to let them go. It is okay to indulge in one’s favorite ice cream or watch a movie in a theatre occasionally.

6. Fighting The Crowd

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It is hard for frugal people to resist a Black Friday or Christmas sale at stores. Is it worth one’s time to stand in serpentine queues or elbow-jostling the crowd for hours? Stores continue offering good deals throughout the year, and there is no rush.

7. Neglecting Health

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Nearly 40% of Americans skipped medical care in 2022 due to cost concerns. While rising costs are a genuine concern, excessive frugality should not be the reason to avoid seeking medical treatment. One might save a few hundred dollars now, but the health issue may worsen, resulting in high medical bills in the future.

8. DIYing Repairs And Maintenance

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DIY can save a lot of money, but is usually a temporary fix. Frugality can be dangerous to one’s safety when one ignores professional repairs and home, car, or kitchen equipment maintenance.

9. Adding Water To Ketchup

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Adding water to the ketchup bottle to stretch out the last bit is excessive frugality. It is probably not worth even a few pennies. Someone using this hack should have considered the cost of water and effort.

10. Changing The Oil

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Changing the oil is a relatively easy task per se. It is time-consuming, though. Why not spend this time in more productive ways? Nobody thinks about the hidden costs such as equipment for changing the oil, clothes that get ruined, and supplies needed to clean up the hands and other mess.

11. Compromising Comfort

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Keeping the air conditioner switched off on hot and humid days or using a crate as a makeshift office chair are toxic frugality habits. Saving money is only useful when one can trade it for comfort.

12. Keeping Multiple Cards

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It is too much frugality to handle if one keeps a stack of credit cards for travel, rewards, cashback, and store discounts to get the most out of one’s purchases. It requires painstaking efforts to keep track of all cards and points to save a few cents here and there.