Exploring the 19 Happiest States in the US

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Living in a happy place has a good impact on your lifestyle and health. Various factors like the economy and social dynamics contribute to a place’s happiness. Several states in the US have a high happiness ranking thanks to top-notch facilities.

Let’s take a look at the 19 top states that have the highest happiness scores. This list uses data from WalletHub’s happiness rankings.


Utah’s residents find joy in breathtaking landscapes that offer endless outdoor activity opportunities. It also has strong community ties and a focus on family values. The levels of happiness are due to economic stability and low unemployment rates. The state also emphasizes people’s wellness through initiatives like parks and recreation areas.

  • Total happiness score: 69.79


Hawaii’s stunning natural beauty promotes a lifestyle of relaxation and outdoor adventures. The Aloha spirit of community and inclusivity makes everyone feel at home. Access to beautiful beaches and tropical landscapes is a major plus. Hawaii’s emphasis on environmental preservation ensures its beauty endures for future generations.

  • Total happiness score: 66.42



Maryland boasts high median incomes and educational attainment, contributing to its residents’ well-being. The state offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences and historical heritage. Access to quality healthcare and robust community services supports a healthy life. Maryland’s diverse natural landscapes provide a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.


  • Total happiness score: 64.62



Minnesota has excellent health care, education, and economic stability. The state’s natural beauty and outdoor activities encourage a healthful, active lifestyle. Strong community bonds and social engagement are central to Minnesota’s high happiness rankings. Environmental sustainability and quality education are pillars of life in Minnesota.

  • Total happiness score: 62.82

New Jersey

New Jersey has a high standard of living and excellent educational opportunities. Its proximity to major cities offers diverse cultural experiences and job opportunities. Community programs and healthcare services enhance residents’ quality of life. Despite the dense population, many parks and natural reserves offer peaceful retreats.

  • Total happiness score: 61.98


Connecticut excels in education and healthcare, pillars of its residents’ happiness. The state’s historical and cultural richness provides a stimulating living environment. Connecticut’s natural beauty, including coastal towns and rural areas, offers tranquil escapes.

  • Total happiness score: 60.68


California’s diverse landscapes and vibrant cities offer limitless enjoyment and fulfillment opportunities. Innovation and creativity drive economic opportunities, personal growth, and happiness. Cultural diversity and inclusivity are cornerstones of California’s community spirit.

  • Total happiness score: 60.53


Florida’s warm climate and beautiful beaches contribute to a pleasant lifestyle and happiness. The state is a hub for recreational opportunities and attractions, enhancing residents’ well-being. A focus on healthcare, especially for the elderly, supports a high quality of life.

  • Total happiness score: 59.31


The people of Idaho take pride in their natural landscapes, which lead to an active lifestyle. The state’s low cost of living and a strong sense of community enhance life quality. Economic growth and low unemployment in Idaho provide stability for its residents.

  • Total happiness score: 59.31


Nebraska’s community values and agricultural roots support a strong sense of well-being. The state’s economic stability and employment opportunities offer residents security and satisfaction. High-quality education and accessible healthcare services are key to Nebraska’s happiness levels. Nebraska’s beautiful landscapes and recreational areas encourage family activities and relaxation.

  • Total happiness score: 58.92


Delaware’s compact size fosters a tight-knit community atmosphere, boosting happiness. Commitment to education and healthcare supports the well-being of Delaware’s residents. The state’s natural beauty, including beaches and parks, offers serene settings for enjoyment.

  • Total happiness score: 58.68


Massachusetts has excellent educational institutions and a healthcare system, enhancing residents’ happiness. The state’s rich historical and cultural heritage provides a good environment for residents. Innovation and technology drive economic opportunities and personal development in Massachusetts.

  • Total happiness score: 58.43

North Dakota

North Dakota’s community spirit and low crime rates create a safe, happy environment. The state’s economy provides stability and security. Commitment to education and healthcare in North Dakota enhances residents’ quality of life. The natural beauty of the plains and national parks offers peaceful retreats.

  • Total happiness score: 58.02


Virginia’s history and cultural diversity contribute to a vibrant community life and happiness. The state’s economy and educational opportunities provide stability and avenues for growth. Virginia’s healthcare and community services support the well-being of its residents. Diverse landscapes, including beaches and mountains, offer beautiful leisure and recreation spots.

  • Total happiness score: 57.69

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has low crime rates and strong community engagement. The state’s natural beauty and emphasis on outdoor activities promote a healthy lifestyle. Economic stability and educational opportunities contribute to the happiness of New Hampshire’s residents. Preservation of natural and historical heritage is a priority, enhancing life quality.

  • Total happiness score: 57.29

New York

New York’s bustling cultural scene and economic opportunities offer excitement and fulfillment. The state provides a diverse array of living experiences. Community programs and access to quality healthcare support residents’ well-being. New York’s emphasis on arts, education, and innovation drives personal and community growth.

  • Total happiness score: 56.71


Illinois combines economic opportunities with rich cultural experiences, contributing to residents’ happiness. The state’s commitment to education and healthcare ensures a high quality of life. Strong community initiatives and programs support a sense of belonging and well-being.

  • Total happiness score: 56.23

South Dakota

South Dakota’s residents enjoy a close connection to nature. The state’s economic stability, driven by diverse industries, provides security and satisfaction. Education and healthcare are a priority, contributing to South Dakota’s high happiness levels. The natural beauty of the Badlands and Black Hills offers inspiration and recreation.

  • Total happiness score: 55.93


Wisconsin’s focus on community and family values fosters a supportive, happy environment. The state’s economy and education system provide stability and opportunities for growth. Commitment to environmental sustainability and quality education supports residents’ well-being.

  • Total happiness score: 55.74

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