Easy DIY Bookmark for Kids

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DIY Bookmark for Kids

Looking for some easy DIY bookmark for kids? Check out this simple flower bookmark ideas that kids will love!

Teaching kids to be a reader is a challenging task. You have to make reading a fun activity for them to be interested in reading.

There are many ways DIY activities to do that! You can act along with the book, do some fun crafts, create puppets and so on.

One such fun craft can be a DIY Bookmark for Kids. The craft I am sharing with you is super-easy and doesn’t need any specialty craft supplies. I hope you enjoy doing it!

Supplies Required:

  1. Construction paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Button or Stone
  5. Craft sticks
DIY Bookmark for Kids

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Step by Step Instructions for DIY Bookmark for Kids

1. First, trace three different flowers (as shown in the image below) using a pencil on three different colored construction papers.

DIY Bookmark for Kids

2. Using scissors, cut the flowers on the outline.

DIY Bookmark for Kids

3. Now, paste the flower with a shape shown in image below on to the craft stick.

DIY activity

4. Next, paste the any one of the other two flower shape on top of the first one.

Craft for kids

5. Then, paste the last shape on the top making sure that this flower doesn’t overlap the petals of the previous flower.

DIY Bookmark for Kids

6. Lastly, paste the button on the center of flower.

DIY Bookmark

7. And, the bookmark is ready to go in the book.

Bookmark for Kids

So, how do you like it? Do it with your kids and share with me in comments if they enjoyed creating this easy DIY Bookmark for Kids.

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