Top 8 States Experiencing the Sharpest Drop in Resignation Rates

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At the beginning of 2021, during the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new American economic trend emerged. Due to this, employees voluntarily resigned from their jobs, and it was called the era of the Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quiet. The “Great Resignation” dominated headlines, painting a picture of a labor market forever altered. All these left the employees scrambling. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that 47 million Americans quit their job in 2021. But hold on – buckle up for a plot twist!

However, this situation has started changing, and guess what? Here are the 8 American states where quit rates fall the fastest. 

In this article, we list the eight states as stated by Resumeblaze. So, let’s thrive. 

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Massachusetts, the Bay State, boasts a dynamic job environment fueled by its booming technology sector, world-renowned universities, and healthcare industry. Its residents enjoy a high standard of living with charming historic towns, stunning coastal landscapes, and vibrant cultural hubs like Boston.

A recent study found that Massachusetts has the fastest-falling quit rate in the country. Between July 2022 and July 2023, the quit rate fell from 2.5 to 1.3, a huge 48% decline. Also, during July 2023, around 51,000 workers quit their jobs state-wide, a dramatic fall from the 93,000 employees who left their jobs during the same month in 2022. Massachusetts also had the lowest quit rate of any state in the country in July 2023, with just one in every 76 employees quitting their jobs. 


Missouri, nicknamed the “Show-Me State,” wears two hats: a vibrant center for agriculture and manufacturing and a hub for bustling urban life in Kansas City and St. Louis. Its diverse economy thrives on agriculture (especially soybeans and pork), bioscience research, and aerospace production. The job market offers a good mix of opportunities, with healthcare, education, and professional services sectors seeing steady growth.

It turns out that Missouri has the second fastest-falling quit rate in the country. While around 100,000 workers quit their jobs in July 2022, the number fell to 70,000 in July 2023. These figures saw the quit rate drop from 3.4 to 2.3, representing a fall of 32.35%. 


Kansas, the “Sunflower State,” paints a picture of vast plains and fertile farmlands where agriculture reigns supreme. Wheat, cattle, and grain sorghum are its bread and butter, earning it a top spot in the nation’s food production. Job opportunities largely revolve around agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare, with major players like Boeing and Cargill setting up shop. The work culture leans towards a strong sense of community and collaboration, valuing hard work and a down-to-earth approach.

With quit rates falling by over 30%, Kansas secured third spot in the study. The quit rate sat at 3.1 in July 2022, with 44,000 workers leaving employment during this month. During the same month of 2023, the rate had lowered to 2.1, a 32.26% decrease. July 2023 saw 31,000 workers quit, with one in every 47 employed people in the state leaving a job during this month. 


Despite having the largest quit rate in the country in July 2022, Georgia is now the state with the fourth fastest-falling quit rate. While July 2022 saw one in every 25 workers leave a job, these numbers have fallen by 28.21%. During July 2023, around 135,000 quits were reported, representing a huge drop from last year and securing Georgia’s place among America’s fastest-falling quit rates. 

A dramatic drop in quit rates signals a move from hustle to stability, fueled by booming industries, rising wages, and better work-life balance. This translates to happier, more productive employees and a stronger economy for all Georgians, with increased disposable income and a brighter outlook on the future.


Maine paints a picture of rugged coastlines, charming lighthouses, and steaming lobster rolls. The laid-back lifestyle embraces community, outdoor adventures, and a connection to nature. Think cozy evenings by the fire, fresh lobster rolls, and a slower pace that prioritizes well-being over hustle.

Regarding the fall in quit rate, Maine rounded out the top five. 12,000 workers quit their jobs in July 2023, a large decrease from the 16,000 quits reported in July 2022. The quits rate fell by 24%, with Maine performing twice as well as the national average. 


Rhode Island, the smallest state with a big personality, blends historical charm with urban buzz. Providence, its capital, offers a vibrant arts scene and top universities, while coastal towns boast stunning beaches and a laid-back vibe. The work culture leans towards collaboration and innovation, with healthcare, education, and manufacturing driving the job market. One can expect a strong work ethic balanced with a healthy dose of New England independence and a love for clam chowder!

Rhode Island is one of three Northeastern states named among the states with the fastest-falling quit rates. Fewer workers are leaving their jobs in the state, with quits falling from 13,000 to 10,000 between July 2022 and July 2023. During this period, the quit rate dropped by 23.08%, positioning Rhode Island as the state with the sixth-fastest-falling quit rate overall. 


Californians soak up the sunshine and opportunity in equal measure. Their lifestyle is a kaleidoscope of beachside relaxation, outdoor adventures, and a vibrant startup culture. The job market reflects this diversity, with technology giants like Google and Apple sharing space with Hollywood studios and booming agricultural industries. Work culture leans towards innovation and collaboration, valuing hustle and creativity alongside a healthy dose of laid-back California cool. 

Guess what? The most populated state to secure a spot in the ranking, California has the seventh fastest-falling quit rate in America. Throughout July 2023, 309,000 quits were recorded, falling drastically from 398,000 quits estimated in July 2022. The quit rate fell from 2.2 to 1.7 this time, representing a large drop of 22.73%. 


The job market in Colorado thrives on outdoor recreation, technology, and healthcare, attracting a driven yet leisure-loving crowd. Work culture leans towards a collaborative “go-getter” spirit, valuing work-life balance in the shadow of majestic peaks.

Arizona offers a similar blend of stunning scenery and diverse opportunities. Cacti-dotted landscapes transition to vibrant cities like Phoenix and Tucson, where a mix of technology startups and established industries like aerospace keep the job market humming. The work culture reflects the laid-back desert vibe, focused on teamwork and innovation, all fueled by a healthy dose of sunshine and outdoor adventures.

The best part is that Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada are among the states with the fastest-falling quit rates. The rate of quits in each state has fallen by 22.22%, 19.44%, and 19.35%, respectively, between July 2022 and July 2023. 

From bustling Massachusetts to laid-back Maine, a fascinating trend emerges: workers in these eight states are finding reasons to stick with their jobs. Could this be a ripple effect, spreading across the nation? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: the future of work might be brighter than we imagined.

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