17 Clichés That Make Frugal People Want to Scream

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Media often portrays a lifestyle that is far from frugal. It’s common to see depictions of extravagant spending, luxury goods, and lavish lifestyles, which can create unrealistic expectations. Here are some examples of clichés that can make a frugal person cringe.

Buying Multiple Pregnancy Tests

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Seeing people buying dozens of pregnancy tests is a cliché that’s been played out. The whole drama of buying multiple test kits and using them immediately because you’re afraid of being pregnant can make any frugal person cringe. It makes you wonder if the whole thing is a marketing gimmick by pregnancy test companies.

Buying Too Many Baby Things

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In the media, it is often shown that as soon as folks find out they’re expecting, they buy a mountain of new things. Babies outgrow most stuff faster than you can imagine. There is also a treasure trove of cheap or even free hand-me-downs out there. So, before you go on a shopping spree, remember that less is more when it comes to baby stuff.

Gutting the Old to Renovate the Whole House

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The home decor shows have got people thinking they must completely gut and renovate their house before they even step through the front door. Home improvement is a journey that should be taken one step at a time, saving up for each project rather than plunging into debt. So, while those marble countertops might look great on camera, they don’t stack up against having a solid emergency fund or a college savings plan for your kids.

Hanging Out with Friends Is Expensive

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It’s a myth that hanging out with friends means splurging on fancy food, pricey plates, and alcohol. In reality, some of the best times are those laid-back, potluck-style gatherings where everyone brings a dish, and the focus is on good company rather than extravagant spending.

Clueless Father/Boyfriend Buying Every Kind of Tampon

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One often comes across the scene on TV or in movies where the clueless dad or boyfriend appears to be on a scavenger hunt, filling their carts with every type and brand of tampon and pad they can find. Is it better to ask for specifics or do a quick internet search the next time you’re on this mission?

Characters That Live Beyond Their Means

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The main character in every Hollywood flick seems to have a secret stash of gold. They live in expensive neighborhoods, drive flashy cars, and have the latest tech, all while working jobs that, in reality, would barely cover rent. It’s a classic case of reel life not matching with real life.

Shows Promoting ‘In and Out’ Styles

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The fashion industry is like they’ve got a revolving door of styles that change with every season. The result is clothes that are worn just a handful of times before they’re tossed aside or donated. It’s a cycle that hits the wallet and contributes to waste.

It’s exciting to see the creativity and talent of designers like Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. But the “in today, out tomorrow” mentality promoted by fashion magazines can frustrate frugal people.

Throwing Out Food

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People treat their fridge like a revolving door – in one moment, out the next. Got a better dinner offer? No problem, toss out what’s already in the fridge. It might not be a huge expense, but every bit counts when living frugally.

Trashing the Room When You’re Upset

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People may think they’re in a movie scene and punching drywall, throwing an iPhone Pro Max at an 85-inch Sony TV – it’s all part of the performance. This behavior isn’t just emotionally unhealthy; it’s also financially draining. Fixing a punched drywall or replacing a broken TV or phone costs money, not to mention the time and effort involved.

Using Multiple Cleaners To Clean One Thing

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Some TikTokers are on a mission to use every cleaner under the sun for a single task. Cleaning a toilet or sink suddenly turns into a showcase of creams, powders, and foams. You only need one effective cleaner to do the job. So, while it might make for an interesting video, it’s also a quick way to burn through $50 worth of cleaning supplies. Next time you’re tempted to follow a cleaning trend, remember that less is more when it comes to cleaning supplies.

Modern Lavish Weddings

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The modern-day wedding extravaganza is a mind-boggling concept. Spending a whopping 30k for just one day seems like such a waste. Especially when you consider that many people live paycheck to paycheck, struggle with debt, and can’t afford a down payment on a house. It’s a classic case of priorities gone awry. So, while a fancy wedding might make for great photos, it’s worth remembering that financial stability can make for a great life.

Buying Animals as Gifts or Apologies

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Television or movies can make you think animals are just another item on the gift list or a quick fix for an apology. But animals are not accessories; they’re living beings with needs and feelings.

Caring for a pet is a huge day-to-day responsibility and requires a significant financial commitment for the rest of the animal’s life. We’re talking about food, bedding, healthcare, and more.

The Big Breakfast No One Eats

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We often find dining tables laden with lavish breakfasts on television shows. It seems these people have a time-turner that allows them to whip up a feast for breakfast. And the most baffling part? No one seems to eat it. In reality, if someone makes a delicious breakfast, they will ensure everyone sits down to savor it, even if it means running a bit late.

Old Cars Are Unsafe

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Media would lead us to believe that the moment you become a parent, you should upgrade to a brand-new SUV or minivan. Cars older than three years are suddenly deemed “unsafe,” and regular sedans are considered “too small.” But the safety and comfort aren’t solely determined by the car’s size or age. So, next time you hear this cliche, remember that it’s not the car; it’s the driver that matters.

Poor Who Live in Giant Apartments

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On TV, it’s baffling when characters are portrayed as financially struggling, yet they reside in massive, well-furnished apartments that would be out of reach for most. This portrayal can distort your understanding of living standards and financial realities. After all, in the real world, square footage costs money. Remember, the next time you see this on screen, it’s just a part of the TV fantasy. Real life is more budget-conscious.

People in Senior Management Roles Live In Fancy Houses

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In movies and TV shows, people in senior management roles are depicted living in fancy houses filled to the brim with stylish furniture and decorations. However, not all executives live in luxury. Many reside in modest spaces that reflect their tastes and financial choices.

Buying Diamonds for Every Occasion

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According to TV commercials, your Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day is incomplete if you don’t buy a diamond for your loved one. While diamonds are beautiful, they’re not the be-all and end-all for expressing love.

There’s a world of beautiful and affordable jewelry that can be just as meaningful if not more. So, next time, dare to be different and get creative with your gift choices.