7+ Ways to Celebrate 4th of July on a Budget

Celebrate 4th of July on a Budget

Find some great ideas to celebrate the 4th of July on a budget and still have all the fun without blowing your budget.

Summer, fireworks, and barbecue!

That’s what makes 4th of July one of my favorite holiday of the year apart from Christmas 😉

It is a great day to celebrate with friends and family, have a picnic, enjoy some good food, and mesmerize the fireworks in night. But if you don’t pay attention you may go overboard with the expenses even with a small get-together.

As per these statistics published by Student Loan Hero, on an average total an American family spends around $710 on the 4th of July celebration. This includes the food, alcohol, fireworks, travel, and patriotic merchandise costs.

That is a considerable amount to blow up your budget easily if you don’t watch out your expenses.

Find some ways below to celebrate 4th of July on a budget without breaking your bank.

Also, don’t forget to checkout cheap stay at home 4th of July celebration ideas as well at the end of the blog post!

Celebrate 4th of July on a Budget

Fun and Cheap Ways Celebrate 4th of July on a Budget

1. Plan a potluck:

What can be more fun, entertaining, and pocket-friendly than hosting a potluck with your family and friends?

When hosting a party, food and drinks are the major expenses. So, if each family brings some food and drinks, you will get to enjoy a variety of food as well as will be able to keep your expenses low.

2. DIY your decorations:

Instead of buying readymade decorations from the store, be creative, and design your decorations.

All you need is red, white, and blue craft supplies and a hot gun to create a variety of decorations on your own. Also, you can get the kids involved too.

Also, don’t forget to checkout the dollar store for some $1 decorations, paper plates, cups, flags, and everything else you need for the party.

3. Design your own outfit:

Get some old shirts out and design your own 4th of July outfit this year. You can paint them, or hand print them to create some cool designs. Also check out these some cool design your own 4th of July clothing and accessories ideas.

4. Skip the fireworks:

Fireworks are an important part of the 4th of July celebration but arranging a firework display at home does cost a considerable amount.

So, maybe you can light up some sparklers this year instead of doing a full-flash fireworks display.

Also, most of the cities have their own fireworks display for everyone. So, you can go watch the fireworks there instead of having a private display.

5. Plan some free games or activities:

To keep the guests entertained especially if there are lots of kids, plan some free activities and games to keep them busy.

It can be as simple as sack races, kickball games, bubbles, and so on.  You don’t have to spend a lot to plan those games.

6. Borrow before you buy:

Don’t have a fancy grill or a pot or a pan that you need for the celebrations?

Instead of just rushing to the store to buy a new one, check with your family and friends and they might have one that you can borrow for a day or two.

7. Be smart about the drinks:

Arranging alcohol for a large party is expensive.

You can either serve a drink like Sangria which doesn’t need to have expensive wine. Full of fruits and red wine, Sangria will make a good festive drink that won’t break your budget. Also, you can opt for beer too.

You can also plan a “bring your own booze” kind of party. In this everyone, brings in whatever they want to drink that saves you some cash.

With coronavirus pandemic still going around the world, here are few ideas to celebrate 4th of July on a budget while maintaining social distancing:

  1. Invite only the close family and friends to make sure that you are not exposing yourself to many people.
  2. Celebrate just with your kids by setting up a tent in your backyard and have some camping fun.
  3. Learn about US history virtually online.
  4. Host a virtual movie party night on Netflix.
  5. If going to watch city fireworks, choose a spot away from the crowd.
  6. Plan a barbecue at the lakefront instead of the backyard. It will provide you more space.
  7. Plan some patriotic crafts to do with your kids at home.

Do let me know in comments if you liked these ideas and I hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July celebrations this year.

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