11 Free Blank Budget Worksheet Printable (Take Control of Your Finances)

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A staggering 62 percent of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck, grappling to meet their financial obligations by the end of each pay period. Furthermore, the majority of Americans lack an adequate emergency fund, with nearly one out of every three individuals having to resort to borrowing to cover a mere $1,000 unexpected expense. Although various factors contribute to these financial challenges, crafting and adhering to a monthly budget has proven to be the effective solution to address all monetary issues.

While online apps are available for creating monthly budgets, many individuals, like myself, prefer utilizing printable monthly budget templates for a more straightforward approach. Tracking expenses with pen and paper feels more intuitive than doing so online. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best FREE blank budget worksheet printable from across the internet for you to choose from. Select the budget template that suits your needs and start the journey to take command of your finances.

What Is Blank Budget Worksheet?

A budget worksheet or template serves as the key to resolving your financial challenges and enables you to effectively monitor your finances. By recording all your income and expenses in a single location, it provides clarity on the sources of your income and where your money is being spent.

While numerous digital budgeting tools exist in the market, personally, I find something magical about using a pen and paper. The conventional method feels more tangible and holds me more accountable to adhere to my budget plan.

How To Use Blank Budget Worksheet Printable

All the budget worksheets I’m providing are designed for printing. Just print out the budget template and display it in a visible spot around your home. Consider placing it on your refrigerator or a side table to serve as a constant reminder to fill it out regularly. Additionally, I suggest using a pencil instead of a pen. This makes it easier to make corrections if needed.

You start will filling up all the budget categories:


This section encompasses all sources of incoming funds. Include your income, your spouse’s income, any side hustle income, interest, rent, and any other sources of income.


Here, you document all your expenditures. This category typically includes both fixed and variable expenses on a monthly basis, incorporating all debt payments. Your expenses may cover items such as rent, mortgage payments, groceries, car insurance, house insurance, medical insurance, fuel, internet, and more.

Be truthful and document all your monthly expenses. This honest approach will provide an accurate snapshot of your finances, enabling you to later assess and potentially reduce unnecessary expenses.

Crunch it up:

This is the phase where you analyze all your expenses to identify categories where you are spending more money than necessary. This evaluation helps you comprehend your true financial situation and establishes savings goals for the upcoming months.

Ultimate List Of Blank Budget Worksheet Printable

1. Free Budget Template from Mom Makes Cent

I’m a huge fan of McKinzie‘s free printable monthly budget template. This template proves to be an invaluable resource, particularly for those new to budgeting. It is thoughtfully designed with straightforward layouts for all budgeting categories, making it easy to navigate. What makes it even more user-friendly is the inclusion of a bill and expense tracker, providing a centralized location to monitor all monthly expenses. This additional feature enhances the template’s functionality, allowing for a comprehensive overview of your financial activities in one convenient document.

Source: Mom Makes Cent

2. Printable Monthly Budget Worksheet from Pretty Presets

Here’s another visually appealing monthly budget template from Pretty Presets, and it’s available for free download. The user-friendly budget worksheet neatly organizes all the budget categories. What sets it apart is the inclusion of checkboxes in front of each expense, allowing you to mark whether a particular expense has been paid or is still pending. Additionally, the worksheet features a savings tracker, enabling you to monitor your savings alongside your incomes and expenses.


Printable Monthly Budget Worksheet from Pretty Presets

3. Simple Monthly Budget Printable from The Savvy Couple

Here’s a recommendation from a source I highly appreciate, The Savvy Couple, known for their candid insights into budgeting and personal finance. Brittany and Kline, the creators, offer an honest perspective on managing finances.

Their simple budget template is designed to empower you in taking control of your finances without feeling overwhelmed. The template is intuitively structured, making it self-explanatory and user-friendly. Notably, it allows you to track your fixed and variable expenses separately, providing a clear breakdown for a more detailed and insightful overview of your financial landscape. It’s a valuable tool for those seeking practical and transparent guidance on budgeting.

Simple Monthly Budget Printable from The Savvy Couple

4. Free Printable Budget Template from Gathering Dreams:

This free monthly budget template from Gathering Dreams can be used as a printable as well as an online worksheet.

I love how the different expense categories like home, food, entertainment, etc., have been laid out separately.

It also includes a place to record after-tax income, side hustle, and investment income that helps you record all the incomes without missing out on anything.

Free Printable Budget Template from Gathering Dreams

5. Printable Budget Worksheet from The Frugal Home

This is one of the most comprehensive monthly blank budget worksheets that I’ve found.

I don’t think Erin has missed any expenses on this budgeting template.

She has categorized the expenses under various headings like home, utilities, pets, insurance, etc. so that it’s not overwhelming.

You will not miss recording any expenses if you decide to use this template.

Printable Budget Worksheet from The Frugal Home

6. Printable Budget Sheet from Printable Crush

If you find budgeting boring, you should give a try to this colorful budgeting worksheet from Printable Crush.

I really like how Erin has used several colors for different budgeting categories which makes it easier to walk through the whole budget.

Also, I loved her idea of including savings goals on the bottom which keeps you accountable to meet your saving goals.

Printable Budget Sheet from Printable Crush

7. Budget Binder Printable from Single Mom Income

You should definitely check out this free budget binder from Single Mom Income.

It is very well-designed and comes with a goals and meal plan sheet which makes it a complete budget planning kit.

Budget Binder Printable from Single Mom Income

8. Free Monthly Budget Worksheet from Savor and Savvy

Again, if you are looking for something really simple and clean, you should definitely check out this monthly blank budget worksheet from Savor and Savvy.

You can keep filling out this worksheet throughout the month as you spend on any expenditure.

Free Monthly Budget Worksheet from Savor and Savvy

9. Free Family Budget Printable from A Spectacled Owl

This is another colorful easy to use a free blank budget worksheet with all the budget categories well laid out.

I liked the little area to record progress on the top right. Also, there is a place to record notes where you can write anything you don’t want to miss out on.

10. Free Budgeting Printable from Clean and Scentsible

Jenn has designed this printable very well.

It comes with a budget overview, monthly budget tracker, budget at a glance, and a debt tracker worksheet.

It’s an all-in-one budgeting planner to keep track of all your finances in one place.

Free Budget Printables

11. Financial Printable from Pinch A Little Save A Lot

This printable is a complete money management package.

It comes with everything that you need to manage your money well. It has a financial calendar, expense tracker, debt tracker, bill payment checklist, and so on.

Once you are used to creating a budget, you should give this financial printable a try if you want an in-depth analysis of your finances.

free financial printable and budget worksheet

Final thoughts on budget worksheet printable

Now that you have a comprehensive list of budget printable to choose from, you should give budgeting a try.

It will definitely help in managing your money well and reduce the stress of living paycheck to paycheck every month.


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