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15 Things That People Think Are An Absolute Waste Of Money That Not Everyone Realizes

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We all want to make the best use of our money. Unfortunately, we often spend money on common everyday things, which may be highly wasteful. A user asked on the forum, “What’s something that you think is a waste of money but no one else seems to think so?”

Here are the responses he got.


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“There’s no such thing as “fast food” anymore. It’s now simply drive-thru food. The prices aren’t much lower, and it takes so long to go through a line thanks to non-stop online orders combined with staffing cuts.”
“Idk why it’s so expensive anymore. McDonald’s hash browns are $3 a piece. A single hashbrown is $3!”


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“Throw food delivery into the mix; any delivery cost is nearly doubled by the end. They even have inflated prices because it’s also costly for restaurants.

My local favorite Korean spot charges an extra 5$ extra on all the dishes if you get it on the delivery app.”


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“A cell phone can be used for five years without any negative effects. Then the downfall begins: accumulator deteriorates, no more updates, purposefully worsening by the manufacturer. So you’re absolutely right. There’s no need to buy a new phone every year. Buy one every fifth year and save 80%.”


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“Those fake sales where they jack up the price before the sale.”

“The amount of times my mom has asked if I wanted anything from Kohl because there were huge sales, and I tried to explain this to her… I just gave up.”


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“Huge pickup trucks for people who never have to haul anything bigger than groceries.”


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“Watering my lawn in a high desert (Idaho) climate. Waste of money for purely aesthetic benefits.”

“Middle class has lawns because some French king had a lawn 200 years ago. Absolutely a useless tradition.”


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“Why are people still buying those huge packages of 100+ channels and watching 5 of them when there are so many streaming platforms or online tickets which don’t require legal action to unsubscribe them is beyond me.”


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“If you wanna see just how worthless they are. Just try reselling one.”


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“Like, once in a while, fine. But daily, or more? No thanks.”


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“The entire wedding industry is such a huge waste of resources. People spend thousands of dollars, and families go into debt for a party.”


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“I looked the other day at getting something for the first time and saw it would cost me almost 30 dollars for a $7 meal. I was like no; I’ll just make something.”


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“You’re paying them to advertise their brand.”

“100% this. And the people who try to follow high fashion and Balenciaga. They are selling you sweatshop quality clothing for such an absurd markup, and then it’s not even popular in 6 months.”


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“You’re basically paying to get skin cancer.”


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“You pay $200 for a set. Then if you shower, exercise or wash your face, they fall out, and then you need ‘fills’ $$$$ every few weeks to keep them looking good.”


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“I recently moved down south from up North, and it seems like half the population does this to their vehicles, and it seems so distasteful to me.”

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