15 Jobs That Could Disappear Without You Even Realizing It

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While most jobs have a noticeable impact on the world, whether it is through entertainment, infrastructure, or convenience, even influencers have an impact, albeit primarily negative. However, are there any jobs that would go unnoticed if nobody did them? A user asked on the forum, “What job could completely stop existing, and the world would continue on like it never existed at all?”

Here are the most interesting answers to this question.


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“They used to call me every day until I started to say yes, and they would start a file asking about how many rooms and square footage, etc. I always wildly exaggerated the numbers (i.e., 12 bedrooms) and asked for Express service and a quote. They’d put me on hold, and I’d tell them I was not interested when they came back. The whole ordeal only took a few minutes and was fun in a childish way. After about a week of this, they must have put me on a do not call list because I haven’t heard from them since.”


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“I’m convinced all marketing positions/companies could disappear, and we’d be fine.”


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“They are all ‘their own boss’ apparently, so I guess all MLMers are managers? Of themselves?”


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“If you can figure out how to eliminate all the scammers in the world, I feel like it should be a Nobel prize-winning accomplishment. They can wreak havoc on people’s finances.”


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“Car salesmen, at least in their current form. Suppose you could walk up and buy a car at MSRP. No haggling, no pushy salesperson trying to add nonsense. Just some dude there to facilitate the transaction. I doubt anybody would care.”


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“Solicitation at private residences should be illegal. Stop trying to advertise to me in my own home. There’s enough of that on the internet; I don’t need it at my front door.

And then they have the gall to get upset when people respond to them with hostility when you’re literally there to bother people.”


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“Elevator attendant in Japan. I was surprised to see them a few months ago, and I thought they were extinct already.”


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“At this point, probably a paperboy.”

“It’s a paper adult now, throwing it from a car window. But I agree. Dying breed.”


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“But who will be there to photograph a Kardashian walking her dog in sweats? Who?!”

“Toss in the celebrities while we’re at it. And nothing of value was lost.”


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“Give all the pay for college administrators to the administrative assistants who already do all the work anyway.”

“Every university truly runs on one underpaid administrative assistant’s Excel sheet.”


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“I feel like travel agents have mostly gone extinct, and nobody seems to notice or miss them.”


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“Real estate agents don’t sell houses. People buy houses because they need a place to live or they want to invest. The real estate agent collects a convenience fee on both ends for doing a job that an app could do.”


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“Management has a role; it’s just super inflated in exactly how much more value they do. It’s rare for companies to look back far enough to see how a manager might have made some terrible decisions that caused the long-term path toward failing. Meanwhile, frontline workers get fired for the most micro of standards.

Do they deserve to pay more for more complex tasking? Sure. Are they above things that would fire frontline workers because their decisions don’t show their ugly head tell several years down the road? No”


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“The fashion designers who come up with the ludicrous outfits that no one actually wears in real life; also, the models who wear them on the catwalk.”


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“Honestly, someone came into these corporations and gaslighted the suits into thinking that customers were demanding more diversity. I understand HR needs to maintain professionalism, but I don’t see how having someone whose only goal is to make the company more diverse leads to a better product.”

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