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12 Mistakes That Can Get You Fired

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survey found six out of 10 (58%) workers feared getting fired. 54% admitted that getting fired scares them more than death and 65% said getting fired scares them more than sickness or poor health. While getting fired from a job is a sad reality, you can reduce the probability by avoiding making the following dealbreaker mistakes:

1. Workplace Gossip / Office Politics

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Talking about coworkers, supervisors, or clients behind their backs is tempting. However, it creates a hostile environment in the workplace and puts the company’s reputation at risk. Your company has the right to fire you if you get caught in the act, depending on the severity of the matter.

2. Misuse Of Company Assets

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Misusing the company’s resources, such as equipment, vehicles, stationery, facilities, information, or digital and intellectual properties for personal use, is a fireable offense unless permitted.

Google fired dozens of employees between 2018 and 2020 for violating their access to the company’s proprietary and sensitive information.

3. Under-Delivering

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Failure to complete a task as expected or promised by you indicates under-delivering. If you continue to underperform despite multiple warnings from your supervisor, you can lose your job.

4. Absenteeism

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The American Psychological Association defines absenteeism as an unjustified absence from work, especially when regular or persistent. Absenteeism causes monetary and productivity losses for organizations. So, if you are taking frequent or prolonged unscheduled leaves for avoidable or preventable reasons, you can get fired.

5. Unprofessionalism

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Missing a scheduled meeting, turning up late at work, taking unnotified leaves, dressing inappropriately, belittling others, extending lunch breaks, or using ill-mannered language are a few signs of workplace unprofessionalism. Watch out for your actions and behavior, or else termination can come your way.

6. Poor Integrity

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An organization expects you to demonstrate integrity at and outside the workplace. Poor integrity refers to unethical behavior, lack of accountability for mistakes, and disrespecting others’ opinions. You should also be aligned with the company’s values. Any carelessness regarding integrity can cost you your job.

7. Falsifying Company Records

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Altercation or modification of company documents for personal gain or illegal purposes is a corporate fraud. The company can terminate you and sue you for your crime. You can face fines, restitution, and imprisonment per state laws if proven guilty.

A federal grand jury in Chicago indicated a former nursing home worker for defrauding her employer of funds by generating falsifying records.

8. Speaking On Behalf Of The Company

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You can’t enforce your personal opinions as the company views in public even if you are the official spokesperson of your organization. The organization expects you to refrain from expressing your personal beliefs and thoughts on their behalf in person and on social media. Or else the organization will see it as a conflict with their values and give you a pink slip.

9. Discrimination

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Discrimination happens when you treat people at your workplace unfairly due to their age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social origin, lifestyle, etc. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission law considers discrimination as illegal. So, the employer can fire you for discriminatory behavior.

10. Harassment

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Any kind of involvement in harassment, such as name-calling, bullying, physical assaults, offensive content, or sexual advances, is a good reason for the employer to fire you.

Videogame publisher Activision Blizzard fired more than 20 employees after allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination at the workplace.

11. Substance Misuse

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The American Addiction Centers states that substance misuse can deteriorate workplace performance. The cognitive, emotional, and behavioral impairment from drug or alcohol use can affect the productivity, morale, and safety of coworkers. Hence, if you have a substance misuse problem or are found in possession of alcohol or drugs at the workplace, it is a fireable offense.

12. Dating at Work

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A romantic relationship with your fellow worker can be a reason for termination if the organization has an anti-dating or non-fraternization policy. It could also affect your work-life balance, productivity, and workplace dynamics. You could become fodder for gossip among coworkers.