10 Family Meal Deals You Can Get at Restaurants for Under $20

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In America, dining out is a cherished tradition that combines convenience with culinary delight. But who says you can’t savor the flavors of America’s diverse cuisine without breaking the bank? Welcome to our guide on the best restaurant family meal deals under $20. Here, we’ll unveil the secrets to enjoying a sumptuous and economical feast with your family.


Domino’s Pizza offers a variety of delicious and budget-friendly family meal deals. The $19.99 Perfect Combo bundle is a crowd-pleaser, featuring two medium 1-topping pizzas, 16-piece parmesan bread bites, 8-piece cinnamon bread twists, and a 2-liter Coke, making it ideal for family gatherings and celebrations.

The $6.99 Mix and Match Deal is perfect for those who love variety. With the flexibility to choose from medium two-topping pizzas, salads, and stuffed cheesy bread, families can customize their meals to everyone’s liking.


McDonald’s is known for its family-friendly meal deals that offer value and variety. The $20 40-piece McNugget Meal is a perfect example. It provides a generous helping of McNuggets and two large fries that can quickly satisfy a group’s cravings without stretching the budget. Occasionally, this deal becomes even more irresistible when it drops to $15 in select locations. It’s ideal for families looking to enjoy a quick, delicious meal together.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s menu offers a fiesta of flavors at prices that won’t have your wallet waving the white flag. The Taco & Burrito Cravings Pack is a steal at $12.99, serving up four crunchy supreme tacos and four beefy 5-layer burritos, perfect for a family feast. And for those extra special occasions, the $25 Meal for 4 includes two Crunchwrap Supremes, two chicken quesadillas, four soft tacos, and two orders of chips with nacho cheese sauce, ensuring smiles all around the table. If you want to customize, the $20.99 Taco Party Pack offers 12 soft or crunchy tacos to mix and match as per your choice. With Taco Bell, you can enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones without stretching your budget.


Subway’s current promotion is a win for sub lovers: buy one foot-long sub and get another free. This deal effectively gives you four six-inch subs for under $20, making it an excellent choice for a family meal. Whether it’s lunch on the go or a sit-down dinner, this offer ensures everyone can enjoy their favorite sub without stretching the budget. Keep an eye out for such deals at your local Subway, and enjoy a satisfying meal that’s both delicious and economical.

Panera Bread

Panera ensures every family can find something to enjoy without compromising nutrition or flavor. The Breakfast Sandwich Feast at $15.99 is a morning delight, featuring four breakfast sandwiches to kickstart your day. For those with a sweet tooth, the Fresh Baked Goods Feast adds a touch of indulgence with six freshly baked pastries for just $16.99.

While the Family Feast Value Meals start slightly above the $20 mark, they provide a substantial variety of choices. These feasts include a mix of soups, salads, sandwiches, mac and cheese, and flatbread pizzas, all portioned perfectly for a family of four.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market, often associated with premium grocery offerings, also presents family meal deals that are surprisingly wallet-friendly. The prepared food section is a hidden gem, especially for Amazon Prime members looking for value. A prime example is pairing the Vegetable Lo Mein with General Tso’s Chicken, each priced at $9.99, to create a satisfying meal for 2-3 people under $20. This deal exemplifies how Whole Foods combines quality with affordability, making it a viable option for families looking for nutritious and delicious meals without the high cost.


Wingstop’s family meal deals are a dream come true for wing enthusiasts on a budget. The $17 Boneless Meal Deal is a feast that includes 20 boneless wings with up to four different sauces, a large fry, and two dips, perfect for a group of three or four. For just a couple of dollars more, the All-In Bundle at $19.99 ups the ante with six crispy tenders, sixteen boneless wings (also in up to four flavors), a large order of fries, and three dips. These deals are limited at participating locations, so wing lovers can indulge in various flavors without winging their finances.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s caters to the diverse tastes of families with their $7 Papa Pairings deal, where you can mix and match various items like Papadias, chicken wings, medium pizzas, and more, each for just $7. For those who prefer a gourmet touch, the $26 Family Special offers a large specialty pizza alongside a large two-topping pizza, providing a blend of classic and unique flavors to please everyone at the table.

Del Taco

Del Taco’s Fiesta Packs are a fantastic deal for families or groups looking to enjoy a variety of flavors without overspending. Starting at just $12, these packs come with a dozen items, allowing for a customizable feast that can satisfy different tastes. The most affordable option includes six bean-and-cheese burritos and six value tacos, but there’s the flexibility to upgrade to bigger Del Tacos or grilled chicken tacos for a slight price increase. With such deals, Del Taco makes it easy to gather around the table for a fun and affordable meal.

White Castle

White Castle is serving up some sizzling deals perfect for families on a budget. The $9 Cheesy 10-Sack offers a delicious bundle of 10 cheeseburger sliders for just $9.99, making it a steal at less than a dollar per slider1. And for an even sweeter deal, keep an eye out for a $2 off coupon at select locations, which brings the price down to $7.99. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a casual dinner, these sliders will surely be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Jersey Mike

Jersey Mike’s Giant Subs are a fantastic option for families looking for a filling meal without overspending. These substantial sandwiches are known to feed three to four people, making them an economical choice for a family meal. Prices range from $15 to $17, depending on the sub selected. For those seeking the best deals under $20, Jersey Mike’s offers a Giant Ham & Provolone and Jersey Shore Favorite for $19.56. While some specialty subs might be slightly over $20, these Giant Subs provide a satisfying and healthier meal option that won’t stretch your budget.

Pollo Tropical

Pollo Tropical offers some fantastic family meal deals that are both affordable and delicious. For just $13.09, you can get a whole chicken perfectly marinated with Pollo Tropical’s signature citrus blend and four soft rolls. It’s a simple yet satisfying meal for the whole family. At $18.99, this deal includes an entire marinated chicken and allows you to choose three sides from options like savory black beans, flavorful yellow rice, fresh vegetables, and four rolls. This meal is a great way to experience the Cuban-inspired flavors Pollo Tropical is famous for.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars is renowned for offering some of the best deals on pizza, ensuring that families can enjoy a delicious meal without stretching their budget. Despite a slight price increase since the pandemic, these pizzas remain fantastic. The Extra Most Bestest pizzas, in particular, are considered worth the extra dollar for the generous amount of cheese and toppings they come with. The Two-Topping Large Pizza deal allows you to enjoy a large pizza with your choice of two toppings at an affordable price, making it a popular choice for a tasty family meal.

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